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    kinda a n00b here to webdesign and css, although Im fairing pretty well.

    I am working on a site and have all the basics down, I now have an opportunity to really get into the styling and Id like to.

    Here is site:

    I have a couple questions.

    I know i can create custom rollover menus in photoshop and i did, to size with all slices performed and saved. I just have no idea how to impliment them into my site. Its basically a 1000px x 60 px rectangle. I want to replace my current boring theme nav menu with the one i made. both are exactly the same size and id like them to be in exactly the same place, to save headache.

    What do I have to do?

    Id also like to put an image on the page background INDEPENDENT from the actual BACKGROUND… dont really know how else to explain but if you visit the site, there is a lot of square whiteness that id like to improve.

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  • Also please note it is still under construction and still working out bugs.

    just noticed after i put a small webkit line to make the background load properly on ipad and iphone that its acting weird in firefox.

    SO glad this forum exists. all these codes get to be overwhelming I envy you who read it like the matrix 😉 thanks in advance for any tips

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