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  • Plugin Author Shaun Scovil


    Hi Don,

    Sorry you are having trouble. That is a very strange error message — and not one that is generated by this plugin. I suspect there is some sort of conflict, but will need more information to diagnose it.

    When you deactivate the plugin, does the page display properly?

    Also, what is the shortcode you are using on that page?

    I will try and duplicate the error on my end when I see the URL to your CSV file, which should be in your [shortcode]

    Plugin Author Shaun Scovil


    I may have found a solution here:

    Viewing the page source for your Instructors page, I see the following:

    <!-- pageok -->
    <!-- managed by puppet -->

    …and on your home page, I see this above your DOCTYPE and opening HTML tags:


    So the problem seems to be with your hosting account, although it may be triggered by the plugin if you are attempting to access a CSV file that is located on a different domain. (I’m not sure that is correct, just a hypothesis given the limited information I am working with here.)

    I would recommend following the instructions in that article, which are as follows:

    1. Make sure you have the domain name set up in your hosting account

    For every host entry (“A” record) that you configure in DNS, you must set the domain name up in your hosting account. To do this:

    • Go to your hosting control panel
    • Select “Hosted Domains”
    • Add the domain or subdomain

    2. Make sure the entry you created in the “Hosted Domains” section of your hosting control panel is not still pending setup.

    When you add a domain to your hosting account, it can take a LONG time. Up to 24 hours, in fact. To check if yours is pending:

    • Go to your hosting control panel
    • Select “Hosted Domains”
    • Find your entry and check its status. If its status is “pending” then you are going to see a pageok message.
    Plugin Author Shaun Scovil


    I have marked this issue as resolved, but please feel free to comment if you are still having trouble.

    I’m so sorry, Shaun. It was GoDaddy, not CSV to SortTable.

    I followed the instructions provided by GoDaddy. The conditions they sited didn’t apply — my domain is hosted and status is active. Regardless, the problem obvious is with them, not your plugin (which, by the way, is great).

    Bottom line: I created a new page, instructors-2, which works fine.

    I deleted the original instructors page. When I tried renaming instructors-2 to instructors, the ‘pageok’ problem came back. So I’ll settle for the new instructors-2 slug.

    If the problem reoccurs, I’ll follow up with GoDaddy.

    Thanks for your help!

    — Don

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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