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  • Hello,

    I encountered the exact same problem, and I regret that the extension has become unusable. Will there be an update ?

    Thx in advance,


    I’m experiencing the same problem on a new WP 3.4.2 installalltion.

    same for me.

    Since there is no bugfix yet, I reinstalled vers. 4.0.0 and this works.

    I have the problem only where the domain name entered doesn’t match the name stored in WordPress. Like, wordpress is installed in, but the points to the same directory. Seems like a security measure to me. If that’s the case, it would be neat to have an option to enter ‘legal’ domain names.

    Strange: in Hyphenator_debug.js the alert is triggered on line 342 (v. 4.1.0)
    onError = function (e) { window.alert ...
    in the Hyphenator.js it seems to turn into
    b=function(t){e.alert( ... on line 61

    I don’t know enough javascript – none, really 😉 – to make sense of this.

    The maintainer said at

    > This sounds like a same-origin-policy issue. Do you have a link or test case where I can reproduce the problem?
    > Some Error-logs could help, too…

    For the wordpress extension, I’d suggest an option “surpress all error messages for non-logged-in users” (- happy to supply a patch if needed). In this way, at least the user doesn’t realize something went wrong.

    (Just pass “onerrorhandler: function() {},” as an option to the Hyphenator object. Alternatively, allow “advanced options” to be set – see also patch at

    Oh, I’ve found a workaround: just put the following text into the “minimal word length”-option:

    7, onerrorhandler: function() {}

    Quite a hack, but it allows to add custom option (as the options are not validated/escaped). (Keeping the default of 6 does not work, though.)

    Oh, I see the issue is fixed there (#164 / rev1128). So the issue will disappear on the next release.

    Hi, do I understand correctly that this problem should actually have been fixed by now? I’m asking because I’m still having it.

    Yes and no: it is fixed in the “nightly builds”-Version of it, so if you check this option it should be gone. But No, there has not been a bugfix release yet.
    Alternatively, use my workaround above.

    Many thanks, choosing the developer-version solved the problem for me. How ever, your workarround didn’t.

    For me the same error occurs with the developer-version. Once again back to vers. 4.0.0.

    Plugin Author e2b


    TL;DR: If the problem occurs to you, please downgrade to version 4.0.0. I’ll update this plugin as soon as a fixed version is released by the Hyphenator.js developer. You might also think about your site’s domain configuration.

    Sorry for not responding to this thread. I’m not actively maintaining this plugin since I stopped using WordPress and also couldn’t really test it. As you likely noticed this plugin just uses the JavaScript “Hyphenator.js” which does the hyphenation work. It seems like a problem there that is not related to my code.

    This really seems related to some same origin policy which will be an issue if the url in the browser address bar differs from the url that is set in the WordPress configuration and used for embedding the JavaScript resource file. Can you confirm this only happens in this special case?

    Besides from the nasty error message, this setup isn’t recommended. WordPress sites should only be available using a specific domain. If you would like to use multiple domains for your site, please think about having a default domain and redirecting the others to that one. This is also bad in case of SEO, since Google might vote your site down because of the misuse of multiple domains and making the same content available on multiple sites using different domain names.

    Even I stopped maintaining this plugin, I would like to update it when a fixed version of Hyphenator.js is released. So this plugin should work at least as long as future WordPress versions won’t break any used APIs.

    @benjamin Pick: Nice hack. I plan to add an option for directly writing the configuration code in the next version.

    @sfbarth: The file with the debug suffix is the raw source code used for development, the normal file used by the plugin is a highly size optimized version using short variable names, less whitespaces etc. It does exactly the same and provides the same results even it has a different look.

    I seem to have the issue where the origin seems to be the same for both but I still get the error.

    WordPress Address: http://localhost/wordpress
    Site Address: http://localhost/wordpress

    And the plugin adds the following script source:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/hyphenator/Hyphenator.js">

    Rolling back to 4.0 for now.

    Actually, the developer trunk fixed the issue for me. Thanks!

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