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  • Have the pro buy but now several websites are dead.

    Only delete of zencache solft the problem. I now use wp-fastest-cache no problems anymore


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  • You did, of course, trial the free version first?

    And then, when you experienced an issue, you did, of course, ask for help?

    Oh, wait … you didn’t!

    And now your review has nothing to do with the free version at all.

    What nonsense!

    Nothing wrong with ZenCache. Works 100% 24/365.

    And your review is not actually a review but an attempt to bad-mouth ZenCache.

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @peterdewith If you’re having a problem, please open a support thread. Or if you’ve purchased the Pro version, please open a support ticket.

    Thread Starter Peter de With


    @raam Dev & @kts915

    Please read!

    There is written that i have buy the pro!

    I have open several support tickets and a lot of promises but nothing is solft yet, on mail is no responce anymore!

    Take a look on the web and you see that more have the same problem with dead pages!




    Please read your own review! Where did you say you had opened any support tickets? Ah yes, you didn’t.

    Sadly, clairvoyance isn’t a talent I have yet developed.

    Take a look on the web and you see that more have the same problem with dead pages!

    Is this the standard with which you write support requests? Hilarious!

    I can find complaints somewhere on the web about every single plugin that has thousands of users. You’ll need to do much better than that.



    Again, this is a ZenCache LITE (FREE) plugin/support/review. Per WordPress rules. Not for paid version (pro).

    And this was a review just to write something bad for ZenCache. Nothing else.

    The free version crashed 3 of my websites.

    “The free version crashed 3 of my websites.”

    I very much doubt it. What you mean is that, after installing the free version on three of your websites, they crashed.

    That’s not the same thing at all. Association is not cause-and-effect.

    You have almost certainly got a latent problem on your sites that you haven’t yet identified, and activating ZenCache caused it to manifest itself. You need to diagnose that problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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