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Verify user’s emails

  • Is there a way to force users to enter a proper email prior to being able to post? I’ve been having problems with the language of some of the posts.


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  • Could make your comments for registered users only?

    They can still enter an invalid email, right?

    No, as their initial password is emailed to them when they register.

    The registration form that I have has a place for them to put in their password. People have been registering and posting right away. Do I have to enable this feature?

    There’s no effective way to test if an email address is a *valid* one other than having the registant rely on an email to it for some element of the initial login. If you’re going to use a variant form of registration in WordPress, then you’ll have to come up with a third-party solution to email validation, since a benefit of letting WordPress send the password is that it provides that validation.

    I don’t remember using a different registration page than what came with WP. I am using a different theme. The registration page is at : http://www.projectijtihad.com/blog/wp-register.php

    Is this not the default reg. page? If not, how do I get the type of reg. that you are talking about.


    Example of the registration page that comes in the WP installation:


    You’ll see it asks for login name and email address only. It’s possible yours has something to do with running a 1.5 alpha, though I don’t recall that being altered during development.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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