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  • Background:
    I’ve been searching for a really long time and can’t quite seem to find the right hack/plugin to solve my issues. I’ve constructed my wordpress theme as an open registration site, and members have the ability to change their email. Users do not have the ability to change it to an email that is always registered.

    The Problem:
    If a user changes their email after registration, there is no verification sent it just updates as long as the email is not already registered. What can I do so that after a user successfully registers and say 5 months later decide to change their email, they can’t change it to some random email, or accidentally put it in wrong.

    Emailing users will be a main form of communication. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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  • Here it goes what I do:

    1) When an user sends a request to change the email address I save it as a temporary meta value and send an email just like the one was sent when the user was registered, so they can verify it.
    2) Until the user verifies that second email address, the former one keeps being the right one.
    3) When the user verifies the new address, the system runs the change and deletes the temporary meta value.

    I hope this helps you.


    Makes sense! But I’m sorry I would not know how to do step 1 or where to edit code or anything, could you tell me what and where to add? I’d really appreciate your time,

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