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  • pinkdivinity


    Hi again, everyone.

    After wrestling with WP 2.2 most of yesterday afternoon, I **think** I solved the ridiculously slow load time and the problem that was causing my reader’s browsers to crash.

    I need some more verification, though. Would you please visit my site and see how long it takes to load? I’d really appreciate it.

    (Don’t mind the blather-filled writing. I’m an artist, not an English major. Hee.) 😉

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  • Samuel B


    Clearing cache in between and on cable.



    Thank you, samboll. That helps me a great deal and I appreciate that you took the time to triple check it for me!

    Anyone else…? 🙂



    Tried to view the site, but it took a while to load. I went to watch a TV program through two commercial breaks – about a half hour. The page still hadn’t loaded and my browser was locked up. I have a cable connection. Sorry. 🙁



    5.154 s

    gestroud… that is exactly the problem that some of my regular readers have had!

    Yet BigDog and samboll didn’t seem to have any difficulty whatsoever.

    This is so weird. 🙁

    Which browser is everyone using? I am completely stumped as to how to resolve this.

    (Thanks to everyone so far!)

    Works fine in FireFox, IE takes forever for some reason.

    I didn’t have any problem loading in either FF or IE. But you have 247 validation errors. That might be what IE is choking on.

    Your site is very slow. It took me 58 secs [Firefox] to see your index page. I am located in India and have a broadband connection.

    Ok, I think I solved the problem now. There were colliding CSS files among other things.

    Sheesh… I envy you left-brained people! It would be nice to possess a higher capacity for logical thinking. 😉

    Thank you for all of your help. (Sincerely!)

    HUGz to everyone.

    Well… you’re down to 222 validation errors. I strongly suggest you get those fixed or you will continue to have problems.

    I see this thread is 9 months old, but I have the same problem and hope someone can try to go to a page I just re-did to see how long it takes to load. This is NOT an attempt to send traffic to my site. I just want to decide if all of my index pages like this one are too heavy or not, and if I should transform my rollover images to ordinary gifs or even cut the page into two separate pages.
    The page in question is

    If anyone has time to go there and post a message, many thanks in advance.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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