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  • Hello,

    i really want to use this plugin for our intranet-plattform, but the main functions dont work on our blog.

    The extra-fields like:
    Extra Profile Fields
    Custom Password
    Custom select Field

    are appearing in the register process, but they dont have any effect. The input of the fields were not transmitted to me and they are not cached in the profile of the user.

    The other thing is, that i wanted the verification function, but that doesnt work too.
    After the registration, the users get to a page which says, that they get an email with a lin to verify their emailadress.
    After that verification the users are refered to a page like this:

    There are the details of that account:
    username: unverified_eoxArdV
    password: yhZVyKf3TW2B
    and an email with this details.

    I get only the email from the wordpress-system, that there is a new registration, and no email from the plugin.
    And with this account details, it is possible to login to my site.

    (I use the plugin “registered-users-only-2” to control the access to my blog.

    Can someone help me with that?

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  • I am having this same issue with the password. It seems like everything is working and the user gets created, but the password the user enters does not work.

    Same here. The new user gets the verification link and that sends them to the login page. But they never receive a password. Making them enter a password themselves when registering doesn’t change anything, the password is not accepted. It seems the temporary username is not reset to the real one, so that is “unknown”.
    My WordPress version is 3.1.2, no other plugins are active, and I’ve tried with Javascript turned on and off.
    N.B: Trying to register on the plugin site, I’m not even sent a verification mail.

    I ask for extra data like “Membership Level” and I have a drop down; I also ask for phone number. I cannot find any of it inside the database with any sort of search. I look manually using MySQL and the data appears to simply not be saved. Anyone found a solution?

    I think I hit a break through:
    around line 2146 there is an if statement:
    if ( !empty($v[“show_on_profile”]) || current_user_can(“edit_users”) ){

    This was stopping me because – of course the new user is not allowed to edit users! and, what does “show_on_profile” have to do with saving to the $wpdb?

    I’ve edited it to read if ( 1==1){

    So it always passes as true, and the code to save the Extra Profile Fields works now. Maybe there are other ramifications, but for getting this info into the DB, this should help.

    I’m not sure yet about password issues

    Can you please explain exactly what i have to change?
    I’m not a programmer, but a user.

    What do i have to change 1==1

    Well my problem was using Registration Redux; my extra fields, like Membership Level, were not being saved. So if thats an issue you’re having, I found for myself I had to edit the PHP.

    To do, find the plugin in the plugin display admin of the WordPress blog; click to edit it. BTW this is sensitive stuff, but if you break something WP should turn the plugin off automatically.

    You’re looking for a line that reads like this:
    if ( !empty($v[“show_on_profile”]) || current_user_can(“edit_users”) ){

    Look for either !empty($v[“show_on_profile”]) or current_user_can(“edit_users”)

    change the whole line to read
    or if(1==1){

    I tried the above and just got a t-string error and plugin deactivated 🙁

    This may not apply to everyone, but this did fix a few problems!

    Please see:

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