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  • Resolved DrDhodz


    I have just updated the Give free version on our site at: gracedrive[dot]org and now this feature: “verification email containing an access link” can be accessed here: gracedrive[dot]org/donation-history/ has stopped working.

    If someone clicked on that email link that is sent by give to the donor, he just gets back to that page asking again the email used for donation instead of showing the details of his donation.

    Can you please have a look at this please.

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi @drdhodz

    Are you using any caching plugins? If so, are you excluding that page from being cached? That would be important.

    Can you tell me about any other items that might have changed recently?

    Dear @webdevmattcrom

    Thank you for your reply.
    Yes I do use Fastest Cache and that page (gracedrive[dot]org/donation-history/) is actually included in the ‘Excldued Pages’.
    I have tried this for many times in different browsers and still no good. Before the update, it was working fine. I don’t remember any major changes that happened recently except for that update.

    Looking forward for more clues.


    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Can you temporarily enable the Test Gateway so I can do a test donation to see the problem live?

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for coming back to me.
    Yes, test donation is now enabled.
    I’ve also just updated the plugin to 1.8.2 and still the issue is there.
    When I click the link in the email, I still go back to the donation history page still asking me again to input my email… it’sa bit annoying but we just have to wait I guess.


    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    I just did a test donation and clicked on the Donation History link in the confirmation email I got and my history appeared perfectly.

    GraceDrive History

    Then I cleared my cookies in my browser and requested the receipt via the Email Access form and saw the same problem you are experiencing. I’m going to test that in a different environment now and get back to you soon. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Actually, I just ran a quick test on your page and found that it is still being cached. See here:

    I definitely think this is still related to caching, so I’d recommend the following:

    1) Clear your cache completely
    2) Deactivate all caching, plugins, server, CDN (like Cloudflare)
    3) Test again — it should work as expected.

    Once you confirm that it works as expected when caching is excluded then you know what you need to do — MAKE SURE it’s excluded from caching.


    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for troubleshooting this issue. I would have really wanted to get this sorted but still I am facing the same unresolved issue on my end.
    I have uninstalled Fastest Cache from the site and completely cleaned up my chrome and firefox. When I click on the unique email link, still I get forwarded to the page where I am being asked of my email. I don’t know how you were able to get passed throught, but certainly it was working before even if that caching plugin was active.
    Please let me know if you got other thoughts.


    Plugin Contributor GiveWP


    @drdhodz please contact me via our contact form:

    Choose the option that says “You asked me to reach out to you here” and please provide the URL of this ticket so I have a reference for your request.


    Thank you!
    Just did.
    Looking forward.


    I confirm that this has been fixed after the recent 1.8.3 update.
    Thanks very much to Matt for the prompt support.

    For this, I guess, given that it is a free version, it might be wise to keep a ‘working’ copy of the plugin before doing any updates. Nevertheless, the support has been outstanding.

    Best wishes.

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Thanks for the confirmation. Fortunately, that wasn’t a bug that prevents you from receiving donations at all, but generally we do a pretty rigorous testing before pushing updates out. Nevertheless, it’s hard to anticipate all situations for all sites.


    We ended up paying for an add-on and the result has been amazing. This has been truly a beautiful great plugin!

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