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  • I have been using Verbosa for 3 months now. I wish to thank the creators of this theme for their beautiful and useful design. I have arranged my posts into 3 columns, and therefore my website looks like a magazine. I like it very much. But the best thing about Verbosa is that it’s very responsive. When I change the size of my browser window the posts arrange differently so that they’d be viewed better. The mobile version of the theme is also very beautiful and almost faultless.
    I only had a few problems which I could get most of them solved by some modifications and adding some plugins. One of them was that it didn’t support UTF-8 languages. I need to write in both English and Persian, so the theme had some problem adapting to both languages, but luckily I could get it solved with a simple plugin.
    The second problem was that, again, because I write in two languages, I had difficulty choosing suitable fonts that would appear correctly on the website. I know writers who write in only European languages do not have this problem, but when you want to use 2 languages with 2 very distinct writing systems, you usually have a lot of problems. Again I could fix this by using 2 or 3 Adobe and MS fonts that can be used to write both languages. Perhaps I could choose better fonts if I had to only write in one language, but with the current status, I know no other option; so I’ll appreciate it if someone can tell me how I can use 2 different fonts at the same time (one for Persian, the other for English words).
    But there is only one problem I could not fix, and that’s the fonts that I have chosen for the desktop view of my website do not appear on the mobile version. When I open the website on my cell phone, different fonts appear. I couldn’t find any section in the theme setting that would allow me to modify the mobile version of the theme.
    Everything considred, I am happy and satisfied with Verbosa. It’s far better than the themes that I used before. In one word it’s very artsy!
    I hope I could pay you back for letting people use this theme for free. Perhaps someday when I become rich I’d buy the pro version (if available). But for now, I can only thank you.

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