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    I have been using the older version so far. Thankfully, I had a backup before I upgraded. But the new update seems to be breaking my site.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello @arjunsinghal,

    Could you please create a support ticket here. We will take a closer look.


    Hello @arjunsinghal

    I had the same here and found out that the update broke my site because I do not have a WPUF login page. This is because I use another plugin for membership. For me this solved my problem (after going to backup first).

    – let WPUF generate all default pages (Tools > Install WPUF Pages)
    – upgrade the plugin
    – set the login page to nothing (Settings . Login / Registration . Login Page to —select—)
    – delete the WPUF login page

    Good luck

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    ah, let me see what i can do. will update.

    Me too, it’s totally destroyed my site. There’s an issue with subscription packs not being displayed, subscription info is also NOT being displayed. The new payment per form has randomly allowed some forms to be posted and others not. And although I managed to work out the action to create a subscription for the admin user, the subscription info has dissappeared from the admin profile. All the changes have not been documented enough for me to change settings after the upgrade and my site is now useless because I can’t post anything using WPUF because NO ONE can subscribe to the subscriptions because they are not showing. And no one can post because every use gets message, Post Limit Exceeded for your purchased subscription pack. But because subscription packs are not displayed, I can’t get past the problem. No one cab buy a subscription pack. And the backend profile cannot be used to add a subscription pack by admin any more.

    Hello @jdm2018,

    We have released a version today by fixing the issues which had after releasing 2.6.0. Subscription pack display issue on the frontend as well as from the users profile has been fixed as well. Please update it and check.


    Thanks @rabbii,

    Unfortunately the [wpuf_sub_info] is still not working.

    I need the [wpuf_sub_info] functionality.

    I don’t use [wpuf_account] page because it’s non-responsive and doesn’t fit my theme and I don’t like the retro styling.

    [wpuf_sub_info] used to provide exactly what I needed, will this be put back please?

    @jdm2018, Until the issue gets fixed, as a workaround, you can do the following.
    Go to wp-admin → User Frontend → Settings → Payments and enable “Show Subscriptions”
    Then in the front-end from Account page you will see a Subscription menu. It will show the same subscription information you were getting previously from [wpuf_sub_info] shortcode.

    Hope it helps. Good Luck.

    Thanks @itowhid06 but actually no it does not help, and you obviously don’t understand the impact that your ineffectual pre update testing has.

    The all in one account page looks old fashioned and has not been designed as responsive and so looks bad on a mobile device.

    YES!, I know I can call the subscriptions action from the account page using the ?URL but it still brings up the left hand menu for all 4 account pages, so it is useless, because this site IS FOR My Customers, it is NOT a HOBBY site, and so I don’t do workarounds for my Visitors that are My Customers that are paying me for a service that I need to deliver, this site is my portfolio site.

    If I give them a workaround then I will get bad site ratings and lose my customers. I chose WPUF over Formidable Forms because I liked some different features and lower cost base for clients. But that should not be at the cost of system or site instability.

    I think it’s about time I give up on WPUF just as I did with DOKAN because of continual upgrade issues causing bugs or changes that have been done that changes functionality without warning causing loss of service.

    I am an IT Professional and I am risking my business by using & recommending your product when you can’t sort out an upgrade bug that you have introduced for a premium plugin that I am paying for, it’s like I’m paying for my site to be regularly brought down? like WTHell???.

    I have actually paid for the premium versions of both DOKAN & WPUF, but from the service I have been getting it doesnt feel premium to me. I apologise now for my straight talking, but I am a paying customer, but am not being treated like one.

    So it’s time to switch sides and support another company that gives better customer service, and yep, I may still use WPUF on my hobby sites, but I sure as hell won’t be paying for it anymore!

    Formidable Forms has what I need, so will be changing my Personal Venture site over to them just as I do for my WordPress Client sites. You will be receiving my review in a few weeks of both of your plugins and all the extras that I have wasted my money on over the last 8 months trying to get my site to work properly.

    I can only suggest you control your RC rollout a bit better in the future, and get some real dedicated UAT testers in rather than releasing what seems like untested code onto an unsuspecting WordPress community that expects a little bit more than auto-updating time bombs, maybe just talking for myself here, but to say that I am not a happy customer of Wedevs would be an understatement.

    Same issue for me.
    I opened ticket #85329

    Hello @anticosti,

    Please check your email. I have already replied to your ticket.




    Please check my reply. Thanks.

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    A CSS responsive fix for the “My Account” page:

    /* My Account */
    .wpuf-el.form-row-last {
      		width: 100% !important;
    .wpuf-dashboard-container {
      		border: 0px solid red;
    .wpuf-dashboard-navigation {
      		border: 0px solid green;
      		min-width: 100%;
    .wpuf-dashboard-navigation ul {
      		float: left;
        		padding: 0em !important;
            	margin: 0em 0em 1em 0em !important;
    .wpuf-dashboard-navigation ul li {
      		float: left;
        		padding: 0.5em !important;
      		background-color: #f0f0f0;
      		margin-right: 1px;
            	margin-bottom: 1px !important;
    .wpuf-dashboard-navigation ul li a:focus {
      		color: #000;
    .wpuf-dashboard-content {
      		border: 0px solid blue;
           		min-width: 100%;

    May this help you a bit…?

    It can be improve some more to act as real Tabs…
    Will see when I have time…

    Would be nice if the developers would use for the tables, something like FooTables. This way we would have something really responsive.

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    It made “My Account / Posts Edit”
    to show in a nice responsive table.
    See option: Attach to tables
    change “.footable” for “table”




    Hi @anticosti,

    Appreciate the help but I am done having to fix intermittent issues.

    I have installed Formidable Forms instead and am rebuilding my forms with Formidable Forms & WPMU’s Membership 2 for content protection & subscriptions and then it’s all sorted on known stable plugins that won’t dissappoint MY PAYING Customers with much more flexible big business functionality built in too as a bonus, unfortunately it will cost me an extra $99 for the privilegde but worth it.

    I already use both for business clients but I gave WPUF & Dokan a try from Wedevs for my own sites but now it’s about to go live I can’t risk the intermittent instability issues that will make my Paying Customers hold me to blame for lack of service.

    Personally, I think WPUF is a great product but imho maybe only for hobby sites purely because until they get their updating more inline with WordPress’ philosophy of being able to get auto-updates without risk to client sites then I’m afraid I don’t want to carry on using it as a paying customer for my paying customers.

    I may put up with it on personal sites that are just blogs with no paying customers that want good service, but then blogs don’t really need forms with payment processing so not too sure if I will ever use this again to be honest.

    Thanks anyway, all the best, good luck with WPUF, but I’m OUT.


    Chris Perryman


    Looks like this updated added a lot of “new” settings that were turned on by default? It broke out client’s site too. Specifically, all of our login/register buttons stopped working (and in source code we could see nothing was being output from the PHP), and also logging out was giving the error “TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”.

    Fortunately, thanks to the clue of the missing PHP and the note from @basdebruin above, we checked the “Login / Registration” settings and saw that these two options were checked: “Auto Login After Registration” & “Login/Registration override”.

    Unchecking them fixed the issues immediately…and I’m glad we were able to narrow and fix for them in under 45 mins…but seems odd to have settings like that on by default in an update?

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