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    I have been looking options for the last couple of days and all I have is 20 plugins combined that don´t actually do what I need.

    I have a Multivendor marketplace, with sellers on different cities.
    So if one buyer purchases 1 item on city X, other item on city Y, and other on city Z.
    And the buyer lives in the same city as Vendor Y.
    At the checkout the system should know that shipping the item from vendor Y can have EXPRESS shipping, and the other items from X and Z have different prices according to the distance to that city.
    Also the EXPRESS shipping option should not be shown to items on vendor X and Z.

    Is this possible?
    Whats the recommendation on plugins or set-up

    Also I want to select a Pickup location on the checkout from a MAP, do you know any way to do this?
    Also checking other similar Marketplaces might give me an idea how to solve it.

    PS: WC Vendors have the vendors shipping address on their profile.


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  • Hello, I too have found this problem with shipping and would like to know if there is a solution as I have not been able to find one. It would also be useful to be able to enable the Vendor to disable the admin created shipping options or even better add their own shipping rates per product (or rather which should be the shipping class) I suppose.

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    Hi @tomaccoman and @webformation, thanks for reaching WCMp support!!

    Our plugin is an extension of WooCommerce hence we also use the default shipping method of WooCommerce like Flat Rate Shipping, Local Pickup, and Free Delivery.

    Now, admin can define various shipping zone like City X, City Y etc and just add the shipping methods applicable to that shipping zone, like Free Shipping, Flat Rate or Local Pick up. Now, each vendor can add their own Flat Rate shipping rule for that individual zone via Dashboard >> Shop Settings >> Shipping. However, vendor can only add some specific rule mentioned here – https://wc-marketplace.com/knowledgebase/wcmp-shipping/

    So, when a customer buys the product from the different vendor from a different city, the shipping will be calculated per vendor as per their shipping rule for the customer’s shipping zone.

    Now, as you want to use Express shipping, are you using any plugin. If, yes, can you please provide us the link to the plugin so that we can assist, how you can add that shipping method for the vendor.

    Waiting for your reply.

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    Thanks @dualcube for your reply.

    When I say EXPRESS SHIPPING, its just a Shipping Method with that Name, so I know that shipping should be done immediately with a motorcycle. Nothing fancy for now.

    I can´t see the SHIPPING settings in DASHBOARD, thats only working on the PRO version of the plugin right?

    Also other question:
    Is it possible to REMOVE the ENQUIRIES from the TABS on product PAGE?
    I think that is part of the marketplace right?

    Hello, thanks for your reply. The ideal solution for me is to allow the Vendor /or the Admin to restrict/limit shipping options by product.

    For example Local Pick up only for Product X (too big to ship) and Free shipping only for Product Y from same Vendor.

    Also incorporate for other scenarios – Free shipping only to Zone 1 (Local) OR Flat rate for Zone 1 (Local) plus Flat rate shipping to Zone 2 and 3 etc. This will vary for each Vendor depending on their own shop location of course.

    Yes the chargeable flat rate shipping can already be done and Vendor can set their own rates – BUT how can I disable local pickup option when it’s not applicable OR only have local pickup option for particular products?
    And how can have FREE local shipping for only certain Vendors and their select products enabled based on customer’s location vs Vendor’s location? As far as I can see there is no “zero” rate option.

    I found this plugin https://www.dreamfoxmedia.com/portfolio/woocommerce-shipping-gateway-per-product-premium/ but it doesn’t work with multi-vendor so it’s no good but the concept is close to what I would like to achieve.

    It seems that Dokan’s Multivendor have these by default https://wedevs.com/docs/dokan/vendor-guide/how-to-configure-and-use-dokan-shipping/ and very easy to configure.

    I would be very happy to find an enhanced shipping plugin but doesn’t seem one is available for WCMp which is a shame as all the other features are really good and I this is the first obstacle I have faced. But without the right shipping solution that is easy for the Vendor to manage I’m not going to get far.

    Thanks for your time and hope you can point me in the right direction. I have submitted a customisation request through your website but have not had any response as yet so will wait and see if they can help.


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    @tomaccoman Please make sure you have provided vendor the option to add shipping via WCMp >> Settings >> Payment and enable the Shipping option. This will provide vendor the capability to add shipping rule.

    Now, WC Marketplace doesn’t add any inquiry tan on the product page. It might be coming from some other plugin. You can find the plugin by deactivating all the plugins except WooCommerce and WC Marketplace and enable one plugin at time to find out which one is adding this menu.

    @webformation Let me get in touch with the team so that we can assist you accordingly.

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    Hello @dualcube
    Thanks for the reply.

    I think the ENQUIRIES TAB is from the WCFM, do you know how to disable that?

    -Other problem I´m facing is that the VENDOR STORE (how visitors see X vendor Products)
    The store looks very bad, and I can´t find the PAGE that has the configuration for every store.
    It is not the “store” page, since that page only shows all the products in every store.

    Can you tell me how to modify this?

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    @webformation As soon as a vendor is registered to the site, a shipping class for that vendor gets created. So, each vendor can set their shipping rule for individual shipping zone. Means, if the admin has created multiple shipping zones and has added shipping method as Flat Rate then vendor can assign the shipping rule for that zone.

    However, if a zone has both Local Puck up and Table Rate shipping, in that case the only customer can choose which option they will choose for the product.

    Let us know if you have any further query.

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    @tomaccoman Can you please share us one vendor shop page url so that we can look into this and assist you accordingly.

    Regarding Enquiries Tab, please get in touch with their forum, as they will be able to assist you better.

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    Hello, here is a screenshot

    Its like the system is not recognizing the borders of the theme

    Here is how it should look like.

    Access to the site is blocked,

    Do you know what is going on?

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    As you can see in the picture, the breadcrumbs are also to the edge of the window, wish shouldnt happen. On any style of the theme.

    Also the CART content is shown at the bottom part…. That should not be there.
    Same with the categories at the bottom.
    Its like its all a big widget.

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    @tomaccoman Thanks for sharing us the screenshot. We presume it might be some plugin conflict, just to be sure please disable all the plugins except WooCommerce and WC Marketplace and check the vendor shop section again.

    If you are still facing this issue, please get in touch with our team so that we can assist you resolving this: https://wc-marketplace.com/support-forum/forum/theme-plugin-support/

    Looking forward to your co-operation regarding the same.

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