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    In my country, Currier services charge fixed amount for the first kilo and additional fee for extra kilos

    ex. if i want to delivery 4.5kg
    its price should be calculated as
    4.5kg = 1kg + 3.5kg(~4)
    then price = 1x$10 + (~4)x$6
               =10+24 = $34 //

    But We can’t do that with current vendor shipping option. It just multiplies the weight from unit fee. which is impractical

    ex.  if i want to deliver 4.5kg
    its price is calculated as
    Fee: $3 per 1kg
    then price = 4.5x3
               =$12.5 //

    Result is loss.

    So please add an option to add fixed price for each shipping option and weight round up option.

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    Dokan Business 3.7.3 has an option for this kind of situation.
    There is a module called Table Rate for Vendor shipping, which has numerous shipping calculation methods.

    WCFM doesn’t have any plan for fixing this, even in their premium plan.
    So, i migrated to Dokan Pro.
    I hope WCFM will resolve this issue in future.


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