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    For every vendor in an order, there is a child order created.

    Can’t you please make it to only create the child orders postmeta that is actually required?

    Because, in fact, most of the child orders postmeta are absolutely not needed for WC Vendors (including Pro) to work. Plus, most of their meta_value are blank.
    From what I’ve noticed, WC Vendors gets almost all the information it needs directly from the parent order’s postmeta, and not from the child order’s postmeta.

    Also, would you please implement the feature to automatically delete from database all child order related posts, postmeta, woocommerce_order_items and woocommerce_order_itemmeta, if the parent order is deleted?

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi Mikey,

    Yes because in our next major version we’re moving vendors to sub orders so that they can control their own order status’s as well as open up a bunch more options including better reporting. We will be cleaning up these orders and include a tool to update existing sub orders and remove unnecessary meta.

    In the mean time I’ve just added a function to remove child orders when the parent order is deleted. Which will also remove all related post meta. I have also added a tool – WooCommerce > Status > Tools – remove orphaned sub orders. Which will remove all existing sub orders that have already had the parent removed.

    You can grab the latest master to use these tools now – https://github.com/wcvendors/wcvendors

    You’ll need to rename the uncompressed folder because it’ll be called wcvendors-master instead of the required wc-vendors.



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