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  • Hello WP Lovers,
    First off, I have No connection to the makers of VC. I actually “signed up” a new account here so i could login and rave about VC. They deserve it. Should be #1, honestly, as the rest are either bloated or confusing or both.
    Over the years I’ve tried them all, from Rocket to WTC3 to you-name-it-plugin AND I’ve also used many different codes to avoid using an extra plugin.
    The problem with using codes to your .htaccess file is that themes change, the web changes and in the end there will be a glitch on your end sooner or later.

    So, get a clean coded theme, use LIGHT plugins, try Autoptimize + Optimize DB + Leverage Browser Caching + Vendi Cache and YOU WILL see a much faster site. A lazy load plugin will also help as photos are the #1 slower downer of your site. Getting your photos optimized is the #1 pro thing to do to speed up your site. Several plugin options out there OR resize/crunch them yourself.

    Vendi Cache used to be included in the Wordfence security plugin and boy did it speed things up. Then WF got bloated and slow–not sure how they are now–and they removed “Falcon” cache. So, now Falcon has reappeared as Vendi Cache and IMO it is the BEST cache plugin for 99% of websites.

    Try it for yourself using to A/B your site speed w and w/o Vendi.

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