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  • Hello!

    First: Thanks a lot for this great slider you created! I really appreciate that.

    For the actor Joachim Aeschlimann I created a simple website that lives of the nice background images that come with your vegas slider.

    It took me a while to run it but then it worked perfect … even on the IE. Till I opened the site with Safari on my desktop computer and with the iphone of a friend. Then the slider flickers and is very disturbing.

    I already asked people for help and googled a lot but couldn’t find a solution for this specific problem. Now I hope that you might have an answer for that.

    Thanks a lot!


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  • Plugin Author jamesdbruner


    Sorry for the late response. I tried it on safari and it seemed to be working for me. What version of safari are you trying it in and what operating system is your desktop running?

    Hi James!

    Thanks for the response. Did you really try the website and the slider worked without flickering? I’ve tried it on different desktops and iPhone and it flickered always. But anyway, here are the infos about browser and system.

    Safari Version 7.0.1
    System OS X 10.9.1



    (on the subpage «News» its not a the vegas slider. There its the default slider of the theme with just one picture. Thats why it looks fine. All the other pages have the vegas slider)

    Plugin Author jamesdbruner


    Are you still having this issue after updating to the latest version?


    Thanks for this plugin that works great in Chrome, FF and even in IE (!), especially since the last update and management of WP media images making it much more convenient.

    However I do have a problem in Safari for windows (assuming same misbehavior on Mac), where the images are not stretched to fit the screen after their first load. It seems that the position and width are calculated properly when the image is first loaded and the images is stretched to fit the screen, but on following iterations of the slideshow the images are displayed with their original width, with top:0 left:0 positions, resulting in a blank screen space to the right.

    I use 1200x800px images only and Safari for Windows 5.1.7 with windows 7. Please note that the latest update of your plugin corrected the same issue on Safari for iPhone.

    You can see it live on the dev website:

    Thanks for your support

    Plugin Author jamesdbruner


    Ok, I viewed in on a windows 7 machine in Safari and the slideshow seemed to be working fine. I never got the issue you were having with the images not being stretched to be full width. Since I can’t seem to be able to recreate the error I’m having a hard time troubleshooting it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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