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    The MySQL server on my VPS crashed the other day, and checking in my wp_options table I found over 1000 wp_session entries like this:

    Thinking these were being created by the new feature: ‘Meeting Scheduler – by vCita’; (being as I don’t have this feature enabled anyway) I deleted this folder from the si-contact-form plugin folder.

    I then manually deleted all these wp_sessions from my database, but noticed that this wp-session still keeps getting added to my database:

    Then the wp-sessions like this keep getting added:
    _wp_session_8c5fb3d0c5626b3d589e5bb6652394f4 a:1:{s:12:”vcita_expert”;b:1;}

    Starting to suspect a hack, because WordPress should not normally retain sessions (Register_Globals is off on my server).

    Disabled Fast Secure Contact Form plugin on our duplicate test site, and the added wp_sessions stopped.

    This has only started with the latest updates of FS contact form. (Wasn’t happening with version

    Anybody else getting this?

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  • This plugin requires sessions and has implemented wp session manager.
    There is nothing wrong, those entries are temporary and get deleted after a period of time.

    In the upcoming version 4.0 there will be an improved vcita feature.

    More about wp session:


    Thanks for the explanation Mike.

    But my sessions are not being stored as transients.

    Are my sessions not being deleted because I am using W3 Total Cache with APC opcode cache (there were over 1000 in my wp_options table)?

    Every visitor will have a temporary session stored on the options table. The session tokens are very small, it is a server side cookie store. The sessions automatically purge after 30 minutes of inactivity. 1,000+ rows in the options table shouldn’t be an issue, particularly since the table is indexed already.

    There is lots of information about how wp session works in the links gave you.
    You can ask questions about WP session here:

    These get deleted, right? I have over 1 million rows of just sessions.

    Hi Mike,

    mySql server exceeded the quota I purchased.

    I found 100.000 records in wp_options table like this one


    Do you think is safe to delete them manually?

    Many thanks

    Yes you can delete them

    The current version has a new wp session feature that does not work properly on some configurations. I will fix it in the next version by removing wp-session and reverting back to PHP session.

    But until then, if you are having problems…
    I recommend going back to this version:

    The instructions how to do it are here:

    How to revert to a previous version of Fast Secure Contact Form

    PHPMyAdmin found 260487 matches for my “at least one of the words” search of wp_session in the options table.

    Can I bulk delete them all safely by clicking the “delete” link on this page:

    Thanks. If I can, that would save much time and keep backups flowing smoothly.

    Yes you can delete them but I recommend backing up the database first for good measure.

    I’m having to restore this site to a backup from earlier today and I am seeing this message from BackupBuddy: Mar 28, 2013 4:48:52 pm 76.40 3.67 error Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ”a:3:{s:24:/”fsc_shortcode_redirect_1/”;s:0:/”/”;s:22:/”fsc_shortcode_hidden_1/”‘ at line 1

    Thought you might like to know.

    Update to Version: or higher to fix this.
    The database will be cleaned up from these left over session rows also.

    I switched back to PHP sessions because WP Sessions had issues with cache plugins and the session cleanup was not working

    I dont think I’ve EVER ran into a current, up to date, ongoing discussion of a problem on this support site EVER!

    Have the same issue. My options table is huge and yes, it’s left over sessions.

    Glad to see a fix

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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