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    Hi Mike,

    I was wondering why there is a vCita cookie being saved, even when I don’t use vCita on my website. In this support site I noticed some earlier privacy concerns about the use of vCita in your plugin, so I am wondering what is going on. The cookie is called vc_widget_generic-expert.

    Might be a good idea to explain what this is, as more and more people become aware of privacy issues regarding cookies.

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  • This is what vCita said:
    “Apparently it is a cookie the plugin sets ONLY after you enable vCita so we can have a direct link to “configure your meeting options”.
    It keeps a random unique token for this user – shouldn’t be a privacy issue.

    If you have an internal structure where we could keep that without setting the cookie we can probably do it in the “next generation” plugin you develop.”

    I am currently working on a new 4.0 version and the vCita code is not in there yet.



    Hi Mike,

    That sounds like an answer from vCita that is avoiding the issue. In none of my websites I activated vCita (not even tried it), but in all of them the cookie is set if you access the website. If you Google for the name of the cookie you will find a lot of privacy statements from websites that found out the cookie is there as well.

    Apparently the cookie is being set in some vCita Javascript that comes with your plugin. I wonder why…

    And I am wondering what else is there in the Javascript from vCita that is being executed although I have no need for vCita.

    I feel no need to refresh earlier vCita/privacy discussions, but it feels funny that a cookie is being set by a funtion that I don’t need and really don’t want.

    I am looking forward to the all new 4.0 plugin. I hope you can leave the vCita code out and find another way to make some money from getting customers for vCita. It seems they have their own plugin now, so maybe there is another way…

    All the best with the work on 4.0!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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