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  • We are looking for someone to install the vBulletin bridge at our site. I attempted it but failed. We want the full bridge whereby blog posts are posted to a forum thread and that comments are handled there. We have a large forum with over 1,000,000 posts and 100,000 members does this make the bridge more difficult?

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  • Did you ever find an answer to this? I’m in the same situation. I’ve got a large vbulletin site with 40,000 posts, already well-indexed by the engines. I’d love to organize the non-forum parts of the site with a CMS with a navigation bar that will be visible to forum visitors.

    I have a forum that I created a month or so ago that I have this bridge on. It doesn’t have any real user traffic so I don’t know how it performs under load, and there are a couple of bugs, but if you are interested I can probably help you out.

    The forum is here:
    and the wordpress blog is here:

    When you post in the wordpress area it allows you to select which vb forum you want to handle the comments, but like I said there are some bugs and the guy who made the plugin absolutely sucks at providing support so you will have to fool around with it to make it work. I can elaborate on the issues if you need me to.

    That is a really kind offer to help. I’ve installed the bridge plug in and it seems to be working, but if I log out of the wordpress blog it will log me out of the forum, but not the blog. in other words: I can log back into the forum with a different username and the original username remains logged into the blog. I was trying to test it as a regular user and now I can’t log back in as admin (on the WordPress blog)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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