• Hello, I like this plugin. It seemed to pull in the VAT number from the User profile into the billing information before, but no longer does this. Was this a feature of the plugin before. For my customers who have a VAT number I have added it to their user profile. I then create new orders for customers, and at one stage I saw that the VAT number was being pulled into the orders details under the billing information. But this has stopped. I am using flexible invoices which adds a VAT number to the billing information of the order. I don’t know how these two were able to talk to each other. But something stopped them from working together. I also have Checkout Field Editor installed however it doesn’t affect the display of the fields if I disable the field which it has found “billing_vat_number”. Your thoughts would be appreciated

    Code from Whols

    <h3>Whols - Additional Fields</h3>
            <table class="form-table whols-additional-fields">
                No additional fields found!        </table>
        		<script id="vat_number_row" type="template/text">
    				<th><label for="vat_number">VAT Number</label>
    					<input type="text" name="vat_number" id="vat_number" value="4060147776" class="regular-text"/><br/>
    					<span class="description"></span>
    			 * Adds a VAT Number field after the company or name field.
    			jQuery( function ( $ ) {
    				let vat_number_field = $('#vat_number_row').html();
    				let billing_company_field = $('#billing_company' );
    				let billing_last_name_field = $('#billing_last_name' );
    				if( billing_company_field.length ) {
    					billing_company_field.closest('tr').after( vat_number_field );
    				} else {
    					if( billing_last_name_field.length ) {
    						billing_last_name_field.closest('tr').after( vat_number_field );

    Code from Flexible Invoices

    <label for="_billing_vat_number">VAT Number</label><input type="text" class="" style="" name="_billing_vat_number" id="_billing_vat_number" value="" placeholder=""  /> </p><p class="form-field _billing_address_1_field ">
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  • Plugin Author arosoft


    No, I’m sorry but that has never been a feature of this plugin. This plugin does not in any way interfere with the checkout page.

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