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  • Resolved Jer Clarke


    To start I think that having an external integration like this fail is expected behavior in a plugin like varnish-http-purge. I expect the plugin to know all the common URLs related to a post (permalink, author profile, categories, homepage) and purge them when the post is updated.

    When a different non-core plugin adds extra paths, like the AMP plugin adds /amp/ versions of every post permalink, I expect that I will have to build in compatibility myself (or if this Varnish plugin was more popular I could pressure the other dev to add support for it in their code).

    So basically this post is me putting my custom solution for integrating varnish-http-purge and AMP out there. I suspect I am not the only one using both plugins and there are probably a lot of people just not realizing that their AMP caches aren’t getting reset in Varnish.

    That said, AMP is a super popular tool right now, and Automattic’s plugin is so popular and such an obvious choice that building support into varnish-http-purge might be a good solution for everyone. If that makes sense to you as devs please consider adding my filter to your plugin 😛

    Anyway, here’s the code that makes it work:

     * Filter Varnish $purge_urls to add /amp/ version of single posts when they are saved
     * Only runs when amp_get_permalink() function exists, inherently testing that the 
     * AMP plugin by Automattic is enabled. 
     * NOTE: Only flushes /amp/ permalink for the post being saved. If you add extra types of 
     * pages that render as AMP (i.e. deviating from the default AMP plugin behavior) then you 
     * will need to account for that in your version of this function (e.g. if you use AMP for 
     * author profiles or category screens or the homepage)
     * @see AMP plugin by Automattic
     * @param array $purge_urls Filtered array of unkeyed URLs that varnish-http-purge was going to flush
     * @param integer $post_id ID of post being saved
     * @return array Filtered list of URLs to purge, including /amp/ permalink if appropriate.
    function gv_varnish_purge_amp($purge_urls, $post_id) {	
    	if (!$post_id OR !get_permalink($post_id) OR !function_exists('amp_get_permalink'))
    		return $purge_urls;
    	$purge_urls[] = amp_get_permalink($post_id);
    	return $purge_urls;
    add_filter('vhp_purge_urls', 'gv_varnish_purge_amp', 10, 2);

    If you are just trying to make this work on your site you can add this code in the functions.php file of your theme or in it’s own custom plugin if you want to separate the fix from the active theme.

    Thanks and good luck!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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