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  • I´ve hosted a weblog in a domain that I bought.
    I upload everything, I make some modifications in the theme, everything´s ok except for the footer. Look at this:
    The footer is like 1px to the right !

    Another problem: I dont know how to delete the name of the blog from the header and still have it on the browser, I dont know if you understand me, I want to delete that horrible white legend in the header in front of the true header but when I do it in the browser I just get a boring “Mozilla Firefox”, anything else…

    Another problem, where´s the tag to change the color of the font in the sidebar and also in the posts ? I´m editing KubrickBG…

    Thank you !

    PT: I would love a blogroll, so tell me and we made an exchange…

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  • 1. The footer displacement is only in IE, I assume, since I cannot see it in FF. But if you search, there was a post about fixing it…
    2. To make the title disappear add to the stylesheet
    display: none; for the relevant div#
    3. Finding_Your_CSS_Styles in the Codex.

    I use Firefox and the footer is still wrong.
    I already checked out the “Finding Your CSS Styles” and I couldnt find the line to change the color in my stylesheet… dont ask me why but it´s not there.
    Relating to the title… I dont understand where to put that tag…. if u can explain me I would be pleased…
    See ya !

    title: obviously you need to go back to that “Find Your Stylesheet” article 🙂
    Looking at your source you should have seen this:
    <h1><a href="">Dejame Bailar !</a></h1>
    Which means you want to edit the h1 part in your stylesheet.

    Let´s start from the point that I´m a newbie.
    Check out the code in CSS of my blog and tell me where I should make all that changes:

    Thank you and excuse me for all this troubles !

    As I said: where there is a line like this:

    h1 (

    and add in a new line

    display: none;

    So it will look like:

    h1 (
    display: none;

    Nothing wrong with being a newbie. We all started as a newbie. What is wrong: not reading carefully the offered help 🙂

    Let me excuse because I dont understand english as well, I´m uruguayian 😉
    Thank you again !

    Holy and sacred &%$·”… I changed all the tags that contain an H1 and happens the same…
    Am I doing something wrong or is a problem of the template ?

    OK, I understand having language problems. I am not a native English speaker either.
    But one (1) line is one line in every language 🙂
    I said to change one (1) line, this one:
    h1 {
    font-size: 3em;
    text-align: center;
    display: none;

    and nothing else!

    Yessssss !
    It´s done !
    Thanks a lot guy and excuse all the troubles that I made !
    Bye and thanks again !

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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