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  • Hi. I have a number of issues with the Tabs block:

    • Sometimes, the «InnerBlock» capacity when I’m editing a Tabs block in a post (generally on the second tab onward) for some reason gets completely locked and the only way of solving it is deleting the tab, creating a new one and immediately writing something (whatever) in it so it don’t became locked.
    • For some reason, sometimes the Tabs block shows another tab open by default instead of the first one. Since (seemingly) there’s not actual way to control which tab is open by default on the plugin yet, this is very annoying.
    • With the default CSS on my website, when I see the site on a small screen (like a cellphone) and the Tabs block is supposed to use a 100% width by default, it somehow extends a little bit to the right (like 105%) instead of fit exactly the actual width of the screen. It don’t happens on the editor, yet its the only block of that kind I have used on the site and I have issues of that kind.
    • Related to the previous issue, the wide and full alignments looks fine on the editor on my site, but don’t show at all on the actual posts. Also, on the editor the contents inside the tabs can’t extend to the inner 100% width when using the wide and full alignments either.


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  • Plugin Contributor Alexis Pandaan


    Hi @atoon ! Thanks for letting us know about these issues. For both #1 and #4, we already have fixes for them, and they’ll be available when the next version comes out. In #2, you can select which tab opens by default by simply clicking on it. We’ll look into #3 and find out what causes it.

    Plugin Contributor Alexis Pandaan



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    @alexius08 Hi, We are experiencing almost the same issues. The Tab Block is very buggy and even after your update, it still doesnt fucntion properly. We have a lot of content made with UB so its difficult to remove the plugin. Can you explain what the plan is for rectifying some of these issues??


    Plugin Contributor Alexis Pandaan


    Hi @nimas-1! We’ve discovered something resembling the first issue reported in the original post. When a new tabbed content block is inserted, a tab may be present, but there’s no space for entering the content. The container appears when a new tab is added, but at least one tab could have no corresponding content container unless one of the tabs are deleted. If you decide to add a new tab and immediately delete it, it would look successful at first. However, an error message would appear in the console. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen when another tab is deleted, since there are enough content containers for the tabs.

    This issue has been observed to occur in WordPress 5.6, so if your issue looks similar to this one, reverting temporarily to WordPress 5.5 could solve this issue. Meanwhile, we’ll be including a fix for this in the next version. We’ll let you know when it becomes available.

    Hi @alexius08,

    Thank you for that. Yes, I can confirm these issues. One other thing I noticed is that the only block available by default inside each tab is the WP core paragraph block. It’s not allowing to add anything else. You can switch block types from the top left menu of the Ub-tab block but the options are limited. You use to be able to insert any block type within the tabs. It’s now an extra task of developing the block outside of the tab block and dragging it in. As I mentioned, it’s become very buggy.

    Unfortunately, we cannot rollback to 5.5 as our other core plugins are functioning in the 5.6 environment. I guess we’ll just need to hang tight for your update! Hope it will come soon 🙂

    Thank you!

    Plugin Contributor Alexis Pandaan


    Hi @nimas-1! We could confirm that the button for inserting new blocks is not showing up at all in newly-inserted tabs. While we’re investigating the cause of this issue, we found two more workarounds, in addition to making the blocks outside and dragging them in:

    1. Entering a forward slash inside an empty paragraph block
    2. Adding a new paragraph block by pressing enter while the paragraph block within the tab is selected, causing the block inserter button to show up when either of them is selected

    Please check if either of the new workarounds work for you.

    Plugin Contributor Alexis Pandaan


    Hi @nimas-1! We’ve released a new update that includes a fix for one of your issues with the tabbed content. The first tab should now always appear with a container.

    Meanwhile, we’ve figured out a way to make the block inserter button show up in the container when it’s empty. It’s currently not part of the present update (although we’ll ensure it would be included in the next one), but here’s you can add it to your copy of the plugin.

    1. Download this file and save it under the filename of
    2. Navigate to the folder where all your plugins are saved, and open the ultimate-blocks folder once you find it.
    3. Open the dist folder and rename the file inside to something else (which would serve as a backup in case something goes wrong)
    4. Transfer the file you downloaded to this folder.

    Here’s how a newly-inserted tabbed content block would look like if you did the above steps properly.

    Please let us know how it goes.

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