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  • Hello,

    I really like your plugin as it is very useful and made shopping feed creation very easy.

    However I have few annoying issues when using it, I prefered to create only one topic to list them all:

    • Buttons sometimes not working at all : for example in General Settings when I want to create a new feed – I can not save the first step
    • Attribute mapping saving broken : only the last created attribute remain
    • Category mapping saving broken : usually saves only 1 field – I have to press save for every single field and do it one by one
    • Manual refesh (half) broken : it refreshes the feed as I can download it few seconds later, but the “processing” is still blinking forever

    WordPress, WooCommerce and your plugin are updated to the latests versions.

    Do you have any idea ? Ajax issue, javascript or something ? Is it something related with my config (I am not having any issue like that with my others plugins).

    Thanks for your help.

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  • For the first one, yes, it’s annoying, also happens when edit general settings. A method to bypass this is to delete disabled="disabled" from button HTML in the inspector.

    I found saving bugs also, but you can bypass them by let the default attributes untouched when you create a new feed, or use standard field mapping, not custom ones.

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    Hi Goudie,

    Thanks for providing us with feedback with regards to the plugin. In future, please create separate topics for separate issues so it is easier for other users to find relevant topics (WordPress guidelines).

    Now with regards to your comments:

    Buttons sometimes not working at all:
    That is correct behaviour of the plugin. Especially on the first, general settings page, you need to fill in all fields. Only when all required fields are filled in the button will be enabled.

    Attribute mapping saving broken:
    Could you show me a screenshot of an attribute mapping you created that is not saving properly?

    Category mapping saving broken:
    Category mapping is a AJAX functionality. So upon mapping of a category it is already immediately saved. You should not have to hit the save button even. Does the auto-suggest work when you start typing?

    Manual refesh (half) broken:
    Yes, the ‘processing’ status is not yet AJAX run so you need to refresh your browser screen in order to see the percentage grow. It is on our to-do list to make the status dynamically.

    All the best,

    Thank you for your reply, and sorry for making only one topic, it was not a good idea…

    Buttons sometimes not working at all:
    It happens even if all fields are correct. Sometimes I just wait few seconds and I can click the button, sometimes it is never enabled, sometimes it’s like I have to click a “blank” space nowhere in the page to unlock the button. But Adryyy find a good fix for this problem (thanks!) so I can deal with it.

    Attribute mapping saving broken:
    I deleted the concerned feed but I can say it was happening to pretty much all attributes – for sure “description”, “id”, “gtin” and “identifier exists”. It doesn’t seems to happen to new created feed (fortunately) but only when editing one existing. I deleted almost all fields and added few others, then the problem happens.

    Category mapping saving broken:
    The auto-suggest works well (and fast). The fields APPEAR completed but only the first completed will be really saved.

    Manual refesh (half) broken:
    Sorry for pointing this (no) issue!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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