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  • As a note, I sadly can not link as it’s all still in a preview system, but I hope pictures will do. I can grab coding if needed.

    I’ve tried so many things, but I can not seem to fix the following issues:
    Header/Navigation menu colors. I want the header to be slightly translucent–not completely transparent. Similarly, I don’t want the background color at all behind the name of whatever page you are on. Finally, I do not want the website’s title/a logo in the top left at all and the entire navigation section is honestly larger than it needs to be. I don’t want nearly so much space between the words and the top.

    -Body & footer issues. This is essentially what I wanted. A fixed layout where the footer and navigation/header are always in position and only the middle moves through a fixed background. The footer itself is fine where it is other than being completely opague (I want both it and the navigation to be translucent), but the page does completely scroll down causing this:
    —-The translucent line at the top below the navigation and weird dashed line at the bottom that aren’t needed (and are on every single page)
    —-The awful navigation color switch upon scrolling down.
    —-The fact that it scrolls the whole page and not just the body area.

    As it is, any pages with more than a small blurb like one the front page, completely break through where they should be. The page for blog posts is a completely broken mess. It forces it to both be an excerpt and show the full entry along with both the sidebar and top of the entries are overlapping the navigation.

    The Contact Form is a smaller example with the top breaking through into the navigation area.

    I haven’t even started the last page which will mostly be images and tables with a specific border/background added around each, but I’m expecting it to have the same issue of breaking into the navigation and not working.

    Finally, I wanted to change a lot of the text/link colors, but despite playing around with colors in CSS, they haven’t changed at all. :/

    I can code the layout itself fine from scratch, but could not get the WordPress elements working with it :/ Hoped this could work, but…

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