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    1. I don’t understand. How do I set things so that my website only plays a little bit of the songs from artists(vendors) rather than the whole of the songs? Does the pro allow to set previews?

    2. When I get the pro, what steps would I need to follow to hide fields from the product form and also override fields such as prices to force the prices I require?

    3. On the apply to become a vendor form, I changed “vendor” to “artists”. However it reads apply to become “A” artist. How do I change it so that it’s apply to become “AN” artist?

    4. Can I set categories for Genres to show as: Pop, Blues, Soul, Hip hop, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Hiplife, Clasical, Instrumental, Gospel and African Gospel etc?

    5. Can I also set up another category for Moods(Feeling like..) : Happy, Loved, Blessed, Enegized, Positive, Hopeful, Annoyed, Sleepy, and Low etc?

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    1. This is more a function of WooCommerce than our product. If you want to show previews then you will need to upload previews with the product.

    2. We provide an admin interface to hide most fields, however if you want to create your own custom product form then you can use our form helper.


    3. We have a GitHub issue added for this, you will see an option under display/labels when we implement this feature.

    4. Yes, the marketplace admin defines the categories for products, Vendors cannot set categories.

    5. You can add custom taxonomies and if you assign them to the product post type they will show on the product edit screen in free. You would need to add this field to your product form in Pro however.



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