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  • Hi

    Running wp3.5

    I have posted this as a support ticket, but would be interested from other users to see if this is an issue with all ipads, not just the ipad1.

    I am runnning the latest update on the ipad1. Please can you test this link on your IPAD? and post if you are getting the same issue

    I am running a store where each product has variations. Usually when you select one variation, it greys out (non clickable) the other possibilities on other selections if it is not available after your first choice. However on my ipad1, it is not, its is showing them all regardless of your previous selection.

    This is also the case on Woo “MyStyle” theme.

    If you have an Ipad? can you follow this link and let me know if you are having the same issue and what ipad and version.

    Select “Potted” on the first selection. You should then only be offered. “12L container” under the size or age variation. You should not be able to select any other variation under size or age apart from “12L container”.

    It works fine of desktop and iphone 6.0.1

    As 90% of my products have variation this make my website uncompatible for buyers using an IPAD1, hopefully it limited to just the ipad1, and there a quick fix?



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  • Hi

    I was hoping that after the latest woo update (just installed), that this issue would be fixed, sadly its not.

    Any suggestions as Ipad + woo commerce with product variations will not work.



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