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  • Hi, first of all i am shocked with how hard it is to set up product variations, all i want is to have my base product at a set price, in my case a printer, and have the option to add extras on top for a fee, in this case;

    Utax Lp3130 = £192.11

    250 sheet paper tray (+£100)
    Network card (+150)

    So if the customer chooses to buy the paper tray and network card the total price will be;

    Base price (£192.11) + Tray (£100) + NetCard (£150) = Total Price (£442.11)

    If the customer just selects network card the total should be (+£100)

    Unfortunately the product variations do not function correctly, if i have more than 2 attributes on one product the drop down only has “Choose option” and no variations. I did get it to show at one point but the price did not change accordingly rendering it useless. I have managed to create a attribute and assign the variations to this product:

    As you can see it works, but is not ideal as its really lengthy to set up! i repeated the same steps to create variations for a different product, following the exact same steps, but on this one the text shows as the attribute’s slug, i am really confused, anyone got any tips or solutions? Even better a free plugin? haha

    Example of slugs



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