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    This is the theme issue mentioned in the sticky

    I can see in the source that the attributes are being sanitized incorrectly.

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    Ok, I did that and the whole “choose option” button screwed up completely.

    I could click on it and the sizes began to come down from teh very top of the screen. Not a good look.

    Is there something in particular that has been changed so that I can change the core file myself?

    Is there something that I can ask them theme builder to sort?

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    The theme author needs to update their overridden file. This is our version

    Main change was to not santiize attribute values – this is because sanitizing attributes would make attributes such as ’12’ and 1/2′ appear identical.


    a possible solution… plugin called “Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer” in my site generate conflict with WooCommerce 2.4.x (don’t shown price in products with variations)

    I deactivate this plugin and everything ok with my WooCommerce.

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    Nope, it is definitely a theme issue. I’ve told the developers who basically said I need to wait for a theme update so thats what I shall do. In the mean time, I’ve reverted back a couple of days to a backup and just not updated Woocommerce

    I can’t find the “Variables.php” file inside my theme anywhere. I can find it within woocommerce (plugin) but not inside my theme. When I rename the file in woocommerce all variable products just go away. Please help, I’m losing a client over this issue. All I get is:

    “Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose a different combination.”

    for any combination.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    bentanner start your own thread with more details/link to site.


    Add to Cart is not visible in variable products can you please help me

    My Website

    The variations data is the page markup as attributes in form.variations_form and can be examined. The data contains 5 spurious variations: #3184 through #3189. You should try to delete these in the list of variations. If they are not listed there you will need to delete them in the database, which could be dangerous, or remake the product.


    Thank you for your immediate response..

    Not only this product, please check all my product pages it’s not working.
    I’m unable to find add to cart button for many variable products..

    Let’s get this one product working first, so we can be sure we have identified the problem and the fix correctly. I see the product is still showing the invalid variations. Can you look for and delete them please.

    I did not get you. how to delete… 5 spurious variations: #3184 through #3189

    Go to the product’s (Pressed Eye Shadow) admin page, Product Data section, Variations tab. Each variation is numbered. Look for those numbers and delete them.

    If they are not there, you will need to delete them in phpMyAdmin. If you are unable to do that, you will need to remake the product and delete the old one.

    I deleted the (Pressed Eye Shadow)product and created new one . As the issue is still there with the new product also… I restored the trash product back..

    Help Please …

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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