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  • The latest update broke products with variation of more than 20 options – Have had to roll back to version 2.3.7

    Since the latest Woocommerce update, can no longer select more than one attribute.

    Products with one option/attribute, for example, SIZE work fine but products with two options, for example SIZE and COLOUR don’t and the following error message: appears:
    Please choose product options…

    Have tried rebuilding attributes and variations on products but woo commerce does not “remember” the change and soon reverts back to “Please choose product options…”.

    Have rolled back to version 2.3.7 and hope you’ll address this issue for products with more than 20 variations on a future fix.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    What are the attribute values you’re trying to assign to each variation?

    3 size attributes (A4, A3, A2) & 17 colour attributes (plain english text, no special characters) to produce 51 variations.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    And are they product level (text) or setup in Products > Attributes?

    Just to point out, > 20 has different handling so its very likely there was just a problem with your ajax endpoint and not the variations themselves.

    Not sure I understand? The first set of attributes was set up when creating the first product (on the product page) after which the product was duplicated to edit.

    Where would the problem be with the ajax endpoint? Running the latest version of WordPress or are you referring to an ajax endpoint in the latest woo commerce version?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    The attributes on the attributes tab can either be text based (input with pipes) or global (products > attributes section). What were you using?

    > Where would the problem be with the ajax endpoint? Running the latest version of WordPress or are you referring to an ajax endpoint in the latest woo commerce version

    When there are > 20 variations, to avoid loading ALL of them at once, WC 2.4 uses ajax. User chooses all options, then it gets a matching variation via ajax. The trade off is the conditional element to attributes (like when you choose blue, and the sizes not blue are hidden. This is gone).

    Ah, pipes on size & colour on the initial product set up, selecting from global drop down on subsequent products.

    All variations were loading on the product edit page (6 pages of variations in total) with the correctly associated image but shoppers weren’t able to add to cart. Shoppers could select a size and colour (and the correct, accompanying image would display) but then clicking on “add to cart” would return the error “Please choose product options…”

    Just to confirm, variations are broken. I’ve spoken to serval people about this, and they are all having problems since the last update.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Post your system status report. May be due to an override in the theme.

    Here’s the part about template overrides from the system status report:

    ### Templates ###

    Overrides: –

    There are none.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Full report including plugin info would be welcome otherwise I have nothing to go on.

    Don’t understand? All the plugins work fine with version 2.3.7

    Gravity Forms: by rocketgenius – 1.9.13
    Akismet: by Automattic – 3.1.3
    Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On: by rocketgenius – 3.6
    Jetpack by by Automattic – 3.6.1
    Options Framework: by Devin Price – 1.8.4
    Popups – WordPress Popup: by Damian Logghe – 1.4.1
    WooCommerce Colors: by WooThemes – 1.0.6
    WooCommerce Mijireh Checkout: by WooThemes – 1.0.7
    WooCommerce: by WooThemes – 2.3.7
    WordPress Backup to Dropbox: by Michael De Wildt – 4.2
    Yoast SEO: by Team Yoast – 2.3.4

    This is insane. Having 500+ products with variations from different customers (makery eMarketplace theme) and half of them are not working..woocommerce support ticketing portal disabled since 06/2015 or so…

    ALSO, there are issues with calculating shipping cost for countries which have no state…great release. When can we expect fixes?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @286blue as it stands with the info given, I have no way to reproduce the issue. It’s working fine my side, and on my live stores. If you can get it ‘breaking’ in the same way on a test install I can have access to, or if you want me to investigate the post-upgrade site I’m happy to do so (DM details on twitter to @mikejolley). I unfortunately cannot fix what I cannot see, and so far all sites I have looked at have been broken by x theme or x plugin installed alongside.

    I’m having almost the same problem.

    I have 3 different attributes setup in Products > Attributes (charm, color, bracelet) which add up to about 30 variations. If I go to the website while Woocommerce 2.4.6 is active it’s not showing me a price when I select 3 options (charm + color + bracelet) but if I go back to 2.3.7 it’s working like a charm.

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