• Hello, I need to update my prices and increase them by 20%/.
    But Imagine product has a few variations and their prices differ.
    Please see the link below http://www.motorcyclefairings.net/shop/easy-fairings-armour-bodies-pro-series-race-track-fairings-09-12-bmw-s1000rr/ You can see that regular price is $799.9. Also you should select between some variations and the price may be increased by adding some extra costs. http://prntscr.com/cmiady

    In the DB I think we have separately regualr prices and prices of each variation. E.g. variation package as on the screen ads $50 , $32 and $19.95 respectively for each selected item.

    So in db we have sort of:

    Regular price: $799.90

    Variation 1 price (the one we have now on the screenshot): $881.90

    Variation 2 price (some other variation): e.g. $850 etc.

    So I wonder, if using your plugin there is a way to increase all prices by 20%. So that regular prices were increased by 20% and prices with some selected items were increased by still 20% . So that these proporions of adding $50, 32 and 19.95 were still correct and gave correct total

    Cause if we increase all prices by 20%, including variations, we will have

    Regular: 799,9*1,2=959,88

    Var 1 price: 881,9*1,2=1058,28

    But if you sum 959,88 + 50 + 32 + 19,95 – you will get 1061,83, not 1058,28. So user will be confused of the wrong math here.

    Is there a way to overcome this with your plugin?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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