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  1. Pawlio
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi guys, got a big of a complicated one here. Been sat for hours working out what if anything I can do with this.

    I have a product file that is has over 9,000 spare parts for boilers. All the parts have a manufacturer number. That relates to what boiler the part fits. Now, each part may fit up to 50 boilers. So on the product file, I have given each part a different sku. So all parts are searchable via the many model tags and serial numbers.

    So here is my issue. I want to list all 9 thousand lines, by the sku, but only show 1 product of each manufacturer code on the website. And have a drop down box of all the different variations of boilers that part fits.

    I have there for downloaded the pro version of WP-All Imports - woocommerce plugin. Which allows variations.

    I gave the products Parents sku's to link up with the main sku. EG:
    SKU Parent Sku
    1000101-B 1000101-X
    1000101-C 1000101-X
    1000101-D 1000101-X

    However I cannot get this to work. Nor anything else. I really don't want to make the whole price file up as tags. So I would appreciate if someone has any advice.

  2. RedLights
    Posted 1 year ago #

    hi, I don't know if have you resolved the problem, I leave you a video how to import variable products. http://www.wpallimport.com/documentation/woocommerce/variable-products. At the begining it's a bit dificult but not imposible. Now I'm setting up my website Tienda ErĂ³tica Online and I'm trying to do the same but I want to update the all stock from the variable products with CSV. Do you know how to do it? Many Thanks!

  3. RedLights
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Conseguiste arreglar eso del wpall import? Yo ya lo tengo por la mano. Yo en mi sex shop online lo utilizo y me va de lujo.

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