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  • Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @olyashulga ,
    It should work with all woocommerce products as long as you have the option of add upsell’s products to a product.

    Best regards
    Nordic Custom Made

    Thread Starter olyashulga


    Thanks, I’ve installed the plugin and checked, it’s not working with variable products with a few attributes (color, size etc)

    Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @olyashulga,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I just did some testing and I can make it work with variations.
    As it works right now when you set a variable product to be upsell on another product a dropdown is shown where people have the option to choose a variation.

    But I need a little more information.
    Can you possibly send screenshots of how the products are set up?

    Best regards
    Nordic Custom Made

    Hi Frederik,
    Just tested Upsell for WooCommerce with 2 themes; Simple Store & Storefront.
    And also those 2 themes; with and without WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin.

    With each of the above my Shop page showed the upsell Title & Subtitle below the quantity select button – but clicking Add to cart did not include any upsell at all.

    Please advise


    Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @selwynnz,
    I will be happy to help you.

    But firstly, I would appreciate it if you, in the future, create a new thread, so it is easier to keep the different cases separate.

    With that said.
    To use display style “Add to cart button” it requires that within the woocommerce settings under products that “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” has been checked.
    So if it is not checked, that’s why they don’t work.

    But if it is checked, then I would like you to send me a link to where I can test it so I can try to see what is wrong, and if I can get you to create a new support thread around it, I will be happy.

    Best regards


    Adding to this thread because I think it’s the same issue.
    It should be easy to recreate this issue in your own environment with these steps.
    I’ve put my steps to recreate then the result im getting.

    Create 3 simple products
    S1, S2, S3

    Created a bundle product
    B1 is made up of S1 & S2
    B1 Product editor: Product data > bundle products > [Add Product} S1, S2

    Edit S1 product and add upsells
    S1 Product editor: Product data > Linked products [Add Product} B1, S3 to upsells

    The result im getting is that on the product page of S1
    S3 is showing up as an upsell as expected.
    B1 is not showing up as an upsell.

    Plugin Contributor Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @support160418,

    Unfortunately, it does not work with bundle products.

    But I try to get a look at it but it will probably take a few weeks before I have something ready.

    Best regards

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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