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    Hi there!
    My situation is quite confusing to explain, but is a very valid problem, so bare with me…


    So, say I have 6 total variable products, and I’m using 2 SETS of attributes.

    The first set is “Size”: Small | Large
    The second set is “Colour”: Black | Red | Blue | Brown

    I don’t go and straight away click on “Create variations from all attributes”, as this would create 8 products. The reason I don’t need this, is because I don’t have (and never will have) the product in Small Black or Small Red.

    So this is the problem. I create the product with 6 variations (all variations minus Small Black and Small Red as I don’t stock them!). It would make sense that, on the product page, it shouldn’t show “Black” or “Red” in the 2nd dropdown menu IF they’ve selected “Small” in the first menu, as I haven’t even created a variation for them! Yet, they’re there, and when the user clicks on either of them there’s clearly no product to show.

    e.g. When the user selects “Small” for the first dropdown menu, they should be given the options just for “Blue” and “Brown” in the second menu – as this is what I’ve created variations for.

    When the user selections “Large” for the first dropdown menu, they’ve given the options for “Black”, “Red”, “Blue” and “Brown” in the second menu – as this is what I’ve created variations for!

    Please see the link I’ve provided for the problem live… you’ll probably gain a better understanding of the problem that way!

    So I hope this makes sense. To make matters worse, I’ve done this process a couple of times and on some products it’s working fine (e.g. on either dropdown menu, it won’t show options for what isn’t a compatible match in the other field, causing the user to select something which doesn’t exist). And other times the problem persists, despite me creating the listing in an identical manner…

    How can I get these phantom products to stop appearing on each others dropdown menus, when the variation never existed? I really hope people out there can understand my situation and possibly lend a solution. I want to try and avoid listing them all as separate products.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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