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  • Thanks for the fix guys – works great!

    Would it be possible to automatically build a sku based on the variations currently selected? Using the parent sku as the base for the variation sku, could the description or slug of a variation be used to generate the complete variation sku?

    Example: Parent sku on a product is ABC100
    Variation 1 Option 1, Variation 2 Option 1 sku: ABC100-AA
    Variation 1 Option 2, Variation 2 Option 1 sku: ABC100-BA
    Variation 1 Option 1, Variation 2 Option 2 sku: ABC100-AB
    Variation 1 Option 2, Variation 2 Option 2 sku: ABC100-BB

    I realize you can manually enter the completed sku if the number of variations and options for each variation is low. The site I am working on has around 100 products, and a lot of the products have up to three variations available for configuring. Some of the variations have 8-12 different options. This means some products have >1000 possible sku’s, and it would be a pain to manually enter each sku individually on every product. Also, this slows the page down a lot.

    Here’s a page from the site I’m working on. The sku’s are not entered for each variation because it would be 1764 variations on this one product alone.

    If this can be done automatically, it would save a lot of hassle/page load time.

    Thanks guys!


    I am still learning how to do all this, pretty much “self taught” – I say that because I’m going to ask, what is probably a very simple question, but if someone would PLEASE just steer me in the right direction – that’d be so appreciated!

    I’m using WP 3.5 and Woocommerce 1.6.6 (with Catalyst Theme and Dynamik) – Do I go to Appearance>Editor to insert the add-to-cart-variation.js and the add-to-cart-variation-min.js . . .?

    I am just not sure where I am supposed to place this code, please help?



    Hi Allison,

    these need to replace the files in the template files for woocommerce… you would have to use a ftp client to gain access to the files, its not something that can be done through the wordpress admin unfortunately.

    I have ftp access to the files, so do I go in and find the files, add-to-cart-variation.js and the add-to-cart-variation-min.js and then replace the code?

    yes, 100% correct.


    Thanks so much samueljeden, but when I went in and did a search for those filenames, no dice.

    I’m just about ready to just make an entry for each and every product and forget the variations – but would LOVE to make it work.

    Hi Allison ,

    they are in your ftp in the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/js/frontend

    directory 🙂

    Yep, I’m having the same problem. I updated the files. Here’s a sample single product page:
    Probably just something simple I’ve missed.

    Hi ryan,

    It looks like your file has broken (your js file)

    Please copy lorsa’s file into both files

    Dreamweaver’s saying there is an error in add-to-cart-variation.js on line 73…

    Lorsa’s fixed it…

    Just copy lorsa’s min file into both the normal and min files… Should fix it

    Well, I replaced both files. There has to be something wrong with how I set up the variations in the backend.

    Expand your variables and screenshot please

    If you want to take a look, just use:


    to login. I can’t figure it out…

    Well, now they are saying it’s a problem with my Yootheme theme.

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