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  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if you currently offer variable priced barcode support in your product.

    For example, I have a customer which gets all of their product labelled by weight or piece at a processing plant, and would like to scan the item at the POS to add it to an order.

    An example EAN13 barcode could be something like: 2001001047801
    – 20 is the barcode flag
    – 01001 is the PLU/Item number
    – 04780 is the measured weight (4.78 lbs)
    – 1 is the EAN13 check digit

    Do you have something like this currently available, and if not, would you be open to help adding it to your product?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I think support stopped a while ago on this product. I purchased the Pro version a year ago and just don’t get any replies and I have bugs with the new version of WooCommerce. I recommend finding a different plugin. It’s too bad because this was actually decent when it worked and had support.

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    @madturki Thanks for the reply. That’s definitely a shame as this did look like a very promising alternative for my client.

    Do you have any alternative WooCommerce POS plugins you would recommend? Also, what kind of bugs are you seeing with the new WooCommerce version? Just wondering if it would be something worth fixing and maintaining myself if it meets the current needs and/or I can code in the feature I described above.

    Was the pro version a separate download for you, or is it some sort of “unlock” code or license?

    Thanks again for replying to a fellow stranger on the internet!

    It was a separate download that unlocked some features but I can’t remember which ones.

    It wasn’t worth fixing for me… We did some patches just to get it connecting but after that, there were massive permission issues. Only one user’s account was working and we had to compromise security and share that account. And then it stopped working, and another account started working. It wasn’t going to be worth it to chase this problem down.

    The client was cheap and decided to just keep mucking about with “whose account will work today.” I stopped working with the client shortly thereafter after five years… They didn’t want to spend the $30/m or whatever it was for the other system. The POS was processing 7 figures annually…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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