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    I am new to wordpress. I am trying to change the homepage slides on the vantage theme. The demo/starter theme I downloaded already has the slides in them but I don’t know where to change them….I decided to download and install the meta slider myself…I have created my slideshow…I just don’t know where to put the new metaslider code to replace the current slides that are there…?? Can anyone help or direct me??

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  • lolocraft


    There are instructions on the Vantage website:



    Hi Everyone,

    I am also new with wordpress and I downloaded Vantage theme. I would like to cutomize sliders. I downloaded Meta slider, I followed the instructions on the site orgin (I made new slides, I also made the settings in themes settings) but nothing appears.
    I turned on and off all the plugins, I deleted all the images but nothing changed.
    It seems like there is no image in the slider. When I click to the save and preview button in the Meta Slider, it begins to work but finally shows no images.
    Could you please anyone help me how to solve it?



    @mmoni I’ve got the same problem.



    I’ve come right. I deleted and reinstalled the meta slider plugin and that solved the problem.



    Thanks robhob, it works for me too! 🙂
    I don’t know what happened, yesterday I did the same but nothing changed but today… it’s a miracle!

    Sonofabitch! This worked for me, too. Wish i’d found this thread 4 hours ago.

    Thanks robhob.

    Hi greg (and everyone else!)

    Could you update the install URL for meta slider please?

    At the moment it points to:

    But I think it should be:

    I’ve been wondering how people have been managing to get the dev versions onto their sites! Nice to hear the dev version is working for the most part at least (some serious changes have gone in but aren’t fully tested yet)


    I have the same problem, but reinstalling Metaslider did nothing. When I click “Add Slide” in Metaslider, the circle would run but nothing would happen, and my slideshow is empty.

    Please help! Thank you much!

    Hi Tue,
    try to look in Theme settings / Home if your slideshow is selected.

    I didn’t figure out the problem, but I found a weird fix. Initially, I used Chrome to work on my Vantage theme + Meta Slider. When I clicked “Add slide,” the site loaded but nothing happened. No photo was added on. No error message appeared.

    I then switched to Internet Explorer, and still nothing.

    Finally, I switched to Firefox, and Meta Slider worked as intended.

    Not sure what happened there. If anyone can show me how to get a script of the error, I can post it up.

    I was just wondering if anyone here knew how to make the meta slider on the custom home page smaller(width wise) it wont let me, and its stretching all my images and lowering there resolution. Id like to be able to have one on the home page that didnt stretch across the screen and could fit categories beside it…. can anyone help? thanks in advance!

    after installation from Meta Slider you have to create ne slider then you get a code for this slider, you only add this code into your custom page.
    In your Meta Slider you can change the size and other options

    for those who only want to remove slider from homepage
    go to Theme Settings ===> Home there set Demo Slider to none

    for those who only want to change the demo fotos and the number of the demo fotos at the homepage your fotos must have the size
    width 1080px height:420px

    if you want to add more fotos you have to
    a: remove demo slider add meta slider
    b: themes ==> Vantage ==> slider
    there edit demo.php

    I am very new on WordPress as a whole but enjoying it so far. Just wondering if there is a way to change the font an the black colour at the top of the theme. Thanks

    Hi Everyboday. How to add metaslider banner in all pages.Banner appears only in home page. But i require to add in all pages. what is the solutions.

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