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  • I just downloaded this new forum ( and I’d like to try and integrate my WP users with it so they don’t have to log in twice – is there a relatively simple way of doing stuff like that?

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  • I am interested as well…

    I am interested in this as well and I have just been having a wee look about and trying to work out how i could do this.

    First off I am not the best php programmer but i get by and I am new to wordpress and just finding out how it all works.

    So here are my thoughts on what i could do.

    1.integrate the two user tables in the DB to one. The vanilla one has more fields so use that. Now to do this i would change the name of the table in wp-settings.php (easy) then go though the files that insert into the table and change SQL query’s or the forms.

    Problems – I dont know if its a good idea going in changing stuff in wordpress in case i cant get new plugins working in the future.

    2.Keep two tables for different users and run some sort of script after each person registers that inserts the user into the other DB. Also when someone logs in run some script that logs them into the other.

    I dont like the thought of two tables for users seems just bad.

    I dont have the first clue how to do this in a plug in so any advice or plugins already built that do something similar would be very helpfully.

    any thoughts, even if its pointing out how my ideas would never work would be gratefully.

    With WP2 you could quite easily add the extra info need for vanilla into the wp_users table and access all the data thru wp_getusermeta()

    I may have a look into this again, as i sadly lost most my wp_forum() that i was writing.

    But then would you have to change the vanilla code to let the forum know the user had logged in though the wp.

    It would be so easy if the field names were the same expecialy the key (id).

    at the moment its something like this



    I am going to ask on the vanilla forum how easy it would be to change the user tables fields.

    my idea was to write a extension for Vanilla to make it use the user_login and user_pass instead of Vanilla’s

    You would still need to set the cookie/session vars needed for both to know your logged in, but thats simple

    Has anyone made any progress with this yet? If so please post a message on the Vanilla forums and watch out for me there!


    Nope not had any chance to even look 🙁 but i have caught you on there forums 😀

    Does anybody know where the F I can grab the feed for the Vanilla blog? For the life of me I can’t find it.

    You’ve probably seen this, but just in case….it might give you some clues how to integrate the logins. Someone has done this for phpbb:



    Is this a Vanilla integration?



    There’s now also very good instructions on how to integrate WP with Vanilla in terms of users only needing to log in once.

    If you haven’t checked out Vanilla it’s seriously worth taking a look. Rather different from most other forums, and in many respects it’s a bit like a blog 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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