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  • I’ve been trying desperately to get WordPress 2.3.2 to integrate theme-wise with Vanilla 1.4. I know there are lots of discussions on this here and on the Vanilla board, but none address the overall problems almost everyone is having.

    The problem is how to get the WordPress variables to work in a Vanilla theme. Il Filosofo has a tutorial – but it doesn’t work – at least with the latest versions, anyway. Authentication problems and slashed-inverted-commas are everywhere with that solution.

    Surely, with all the clever WordPress and Vanilla people around, there must be a way to integrate the themes successfully? Perhaps a WordPress plugin that allows Vanilla coding on a page, or a Vanilla plugin that allow WordPress coding?!


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  • Agreed. I have the same need, but I’m not enough of a coder to figure out the hack.

    I’ve got some time on my hands, maybe I could take a crack at it… I wonder if it can be done via Vanilla’s extensions or failing that WordPress’ Plugins…

    Can you summarize exactly the type of integration you want?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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