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    I can add widget areas just fine and customize them and everything works great. Only problem is once I leave the widgets page and come back it just shows a blank white space instead of whatever I had saved in that widget.
    The widgets themselves seem to work just fine I just can’t edit tweak them anymore, I have to add them again and set them up.
    I tried it with different default themes and with all plugins except woodojo and woosidebars disabled and it is still the same.
    In the reviews of this plugin 2 people mention having the problem in the past, and one said going back to version 1.2 fixed it for them, so I hunted down that version and it did not work for me.

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  • Having the same problem! Any help would be highly appreciated.

    The plugin is great and works for what I need it for but I’m also having the same problem so I swapped the side bar around.
    The blog is now the main sidebar and the shop is secondary kind of annoying but better for me until the issue is fixed


    I am jumping on this thread since I see it is not resolved
    I am seeing the same issue with woosidebar. I created a sidebar with it for the store page.. and had it over ride the main sidebar.
    I filled it in the widget area many times and it works again each time, til I have to go back into widgets area for something, then suddenly
    it is clear again. At the bottom I have a bunch of unused now.

    Not sure how to fix this, but need a fix soon for a site that needs to go live soon.

    this only seems to effect the woocommerce pages, as I made another one to fit in my header – and that one with a text widget in it is fine.

    I have the most recent version of wordpress, woocommerce and woosidebar

    Has anyone found a fix for this?


    Same problem. Can initially add widgets but as soon as I leave and come back they’re gone. Please fix!


    I had the same problem.


    I had to use a different plugin to achieve the result I wanted since this was never fixed.

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