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  • Try editing that post and replacing the apostrophe with a plain one from your keyboard. Somehow a higher level ASCII character snuck in there.

    I tried removing it directly in the SQL db, but to no avail. I ended up deleting the title for it.
    But it seems to be a general problem.

    Whoa! It looks like something happened and your comments are not going in the title attribute for those links, I would check your template. That’s about 98% of those errors.

    I’m seeing this same problem on all posts with an apostrophe in the title.
    I’ve confirmed by commenting out the texturize line in b2vars.php that the actual posts contain plain old ordinary ASCII apostrophes. Somehow the_title (or more likely, convert_chars) is converting it to the actual character instead of the entity.

    Found it! Comment out line 227 of b2functions.php, and it will fix the problem. A *much better* fix will be in the next release.

    Thanks! At first I was worried that this might break HTML in titles (I’ve used italics from time to time), but it looks OK – and now it both validates and shows up in Netscape 4! (Don’t laugh, I have friends who are still stuck on it because their computers are too old to run anything newer.)

    Try taking a look at my validation results.
    Not pretty 🙁

    First, you can’t have nested anchors, so move the named anchor outside of the title link. For the rest, do you copy and paste from another program or type it in the browser?

    I copy and paste from another program too, and I get realy awufl validation results (lots of non-SGML character errors). Could it be something in the way windows copies and pastes characters?

    Yes, especially if you copy and paste from Word.

    I do some of both 🙂

    Sorry, that was me. (BTW, your tabstops from the password textbox are a bit strange).

    Yes they were, that’s fixed now.

    I still have this problem. In all of my post, not just the title.

    Hi Eudaimic,
    did you comment out the call to
    $content = strtr($content, $b2_htmltrans);
    on line 227 of b2functions.php?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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