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  • I discover when using the <!–more–> quick tag cutting part of a post text to shoy the “Read more >”, the html code will change inside de of the content to something like this:

    <span class=”postbody”>post text…Read more »

    For some reason i couldn´t understand the validator at tell me that:

    End tag for “span” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

    and marks this: </p”>”

    So if i use this, the page don´t validate. Any brilliant mind could fix this?

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  • Any brilliant mind could fix this?

    Probably not without a link to your blog.

    Since the other 1.3million WP blogs don’t have this issue, I think you’d want to keep looking at the validator results and see if you don’t have other errors “upstream” of the more tag that are causing tag matching issues.

    thks handy but yes, is the only one error that validator indicates. ops!!

    Still no link?

    So, if you change themes, do you still have validation issues? For instance, with the Default theme.

    I use the more tag all the time (2 of ’em on my index right now in fact) and I still validate. But my theme doesn’t wrap it in the <span> tags either.

    thks again, sorry for your time. But the_content, i think, it don´t use at all nothing from the theme, isn´t that way? I mean the code generated by the_content it´s not configurated inside any file of any theme, so i don´t think it could be the problem. But i´m gonna try it…!!
    I coludn´t show you a link because i´m running it in a virtual host.. 🙂

    yea! is the same, the same error with the default theme. 🙁
    BUTTTTT!!!! ñfk

    this is the peace of code suposed to be wrong:
    <p><span class="postbody"><img alt="sandy1.jpg" id="image5" src="Escuela%20Freudiana%20de%20Montevideo_archivos/sandy1.jpg">bla <a href="">Read More»</a>


    so, i´m not seeing nothing wrong with this. Any body see something?

    Not without a link to your blog.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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