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  • For some reason, <hr> and bq. are being marked as invalid when I use <hr> or bq. or

    in Textile. Is there any way around this?

    <hr> is a nice way of subdividing my posts.
    bq. or

    are nice ways of quoting other people.

    Here are my validation results:

    I notice that both elements are within tags. Is this the cause of my problem?

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  • Indeed it is not allowed to have hr and/or blockquote within a p element.

    Aha! Thanks. Is there anyway around this in Textile?

    OK, I have worked out what the problem was with the blockquotes. I should not use the built-in WordPress <blockquote> buttons to create blockquotes. Instead I should use the bq. Textile command instead.

    Now I just need to work out how to make horizontal lines in Textile. Any ideas? Can I escape Textile somehow?

    Screw it. I just took the <hr /> tags out, as I want a validating page.

    If anyone can think of a solution, please let me know.


    CSS. Horizontal lines are most likely presentation elements, so should be coded in CSS rather than (X)HTML.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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