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  • Well, the first validator error is because there *isn’t* a body tag…

    About the css:
    2nd error about the print.css is because you don’t have a stylesheet by that name (at least not where the page claims it to be)

    font-family thing: it is recommended to use a generic font-family. The code tag (or style definition for it) is missing a generic family. If you want to use a monospaced font (like Courier, Courier New), you could put “monospace” at the end.
    Second warning: it’s not bottom-border, it’s border-bottom

    It might complain about the outerwrapper’s CSS because of the error in HTML (or XHTML…)

    thanks a lot for your help, I must have been pretty tired with regards tot he border-bottom when I did it – didn’t even notice it. I’ve managed to fix everything, except of course there’s still the error about print.css but until I make one it will remain and the alternative font I guess is for low-brow browsers that are pre-IE6/5.5.

    Well thanks again, it’s pretty much working as I want:)

    Alternative font, or generic font family, is for users that don’t have the fonts you specify. For example on Linux the font names may be different (and maybe on Mac too, I don’t know).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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