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    On my main template page, the sidebars are being bumped down BELOW the list of posts. This is my blog. I have manually checked the divs and none of them are unclosed.

    However I was instructed to check it [results] and while I recognize some of them (ie plug-ins that haven’t presented a problem before)… is there one that stands out that could be the culprit of this sidebar issue?

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  • You do have unclosed div tags (id wrap and id container). To make them easier to find among the other errors on the error report, these errors contain the phrase “end tag for “div” omitted“.

    Any suggestions how to find & edit them in my WordPress?

    This is so frustrating because I wasn’t editing anything like this! I haven’t for months… I just don’t understand… but I’m trying to fix it.

    Okay… so I went through it raw, and the divs wrap and container both close….

    So I reinstalled WordPress and it fixed the sidebars. Can’t figure out WHY it did it in the first place… but it’s fixed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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