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Validation errors due to multiple span ID's

  • Hi,

    I noticed a lot of validation errors due to the fact that quote-rotator-class.php adds ID’s instead of classes for the spans “quote” and “quoteauthor” (line 109)

    This is easy to fix by replacing

    foreach($results as $result){
    echo "\"$openquote<span id='quote'>$result->quote</span>$closequote";
    if($result->author != '')
    echo " <span id='quoteauthor'>$result->author</span>";
    echo "\",\n";


    foreach($results as $result){
    echo "\"$openquote<span class='quote'>$result->quote</span>$closequote";
    if($result->author != '')
    echo " <span class='quoteauthor'>$result->author</span>";
    echo "\",\n";


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