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  1. shutterbug1
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    Validating dynamic websites
    This is so basic, I'm afraid to post it. But I sure need help.
    When I try to validate, I get a list of errors and line numbers where those errors exist.
    How do I make the corrections? I don't have anything with line numbers listed. I have a validator program - CSE HTML validator, to be exact. So, what I've been doing is going to my website/view/source, copying and dropping into my validator. That's fine but then what? How do I know what .php file needs correcting. I hope I'm making sense.

    Problem With Prettifying Permalinks
    I try to create pretty permalinks in my blogs, but when I test it, that is, clicking on the links to see what shows up on the address bar, it jumps to my main website and I get the following message "404 - The server cannot find it" etc. but the address bar has the pretty permalink address.

    So far, I've only updated fotoblog to 2.5. The others are all 2.3. Makes no difference, though, since I get the same problem with all of them.

    I used to have my main site ceconn.com in static html which I wrote myself. I didn't like it anymore so I changed it to dynamic and used a WordPress theme for my site. Could that be the problem? If so, how can I correct it?

  2. onthenetdollars
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    when you change the permalink structure to a 'pretty' one you need to ensure that your .htaccess file (this should be in the folder on your server where your blog resides) is updated to reflect the changes. when you change the permalink structure most of the time there is no .htaccess file or it is not writeable on the server.

    if you do not have a .htaccess file you can create on by opening a text document and saving it blank as .htacces and then uploading it to your server to the folder where your blog resides.

    change the permissions of the .htacces file to 777

    then change the permalink to what you want and update (if it is already set to your choice change it to something else, update and then change it back and update it again)

    change the permissions of the .htacces file back to 644

    you should be good to go

    hope this helps :)

  3. How do I know what .php file needs correcting.

    You have to know how to design and edit themes and how themes work, basically. For example, if the error is in the post content, then the error is in the post itself. But if the error is in the sidebar, then you'd want to look at the theme's sidebar.php.

    Basically, you look at the place that is generating the code that has the problem.

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