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  • I’ve been using wordpress for a few weeks now and am slowly getting the hang of things. But of course I still have questions. I have my static pages (about, links sections) up and running, but they’re not valid xhtml. Would anyone care to take a look and explain how I can fix this? Thanks in advance. 🙂

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  • Well the validator is pretty clear. Nearly all your 200 plus errors are repetetive and simple to fix. Perhaps you could revise the proper markup for lists. eg each item in a list needs a closing li tag. The figure will soon start to fall. I have seen worse. I have had worse myself 🙂

    hmmm…I closed all the tags, but still showing errors.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I wish I could say thanks. But it’s still screwy. Specifically, I’m trying to correct the following pages: about, words and sounds, and worthy reads. *sigh*

    Ease is relative, right? Oh Podz, I love that you’re attempting to help me. I am so not technically savvy so what you’re suggesting is like a foreign language to me. 🙂 Can you break that down for me?

    First of all, well done on the validation!
    So your footer is overlapping the menu on short pages – a lot of people have had the same thing happen and fixed it, so you can, too!
    Have you tried clearing the footer? Add this to your CSS:
    .credit { clear:both; }
    or something like that.

    Err. Not quite eric.

    I’m not talking about the main page. It’s the static pages (about, links) that are giving me trouble.

    Well I do not know about expert. But a footer will not clear an absolutely positioned element at all (if the menu is longer). In this case the CSS for the menu has gone awry anyway because it is styled with float and position: absolute as well.
    It is a CSS positioning error which threatens to disintegrate the layout at any minute. I would want to fix that first.
    I find explaining float positioning, clearing footers, and the footer top margin squash and all the bugs therein so taxing that all I can really do is point to an example of my own in the Gemini.
    Otherwise if you want to learn by all means start out on CSS positioning from all the usual sources. The footer is only part of that but it is where the deficiencies in our schemes show up. That is what my real interest is – the CSS positioning. The footer fetish is a joke. 🙂

    Thank you for the help. I think I’ve corrected all using your suggestions, but there are still errors. I think I’m done for the night. *sigh* Thanks again.

    Well done. You cleared up a lot of stuff.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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