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    Hi @agentrosehq

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    Hustle should be validating syntax of the data for e-mail field out of the box so it wouldn’t allow invalid e-mail addresses but that only applies to the “format”. It doesn’t check and can’t check whether given e-mail address really exists and really belongs to the person who submitted it.

    That being said, is this what you’re asking about or is it more of Hustle letting actually “broken”/invalid emails through, such as for example “” (no @ in address) or “” (there’s @ but no username/handle) or similar?

    Best regards,

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    So to clarify, I was asking about Hustle scanning to see if an email someone inputs is actually valid, even if it has the “@” – for example, if someone spells their email wrong and that email they typed doesn’t exist, the form shouldn’t let them through.

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    HI @agentrosehq

    Thank you for explanation!

    I’m afraid this isn’t really something that Hustle could do. There are two aspects: one would be to verify if the e-mail actually exists and another one to verify if it belongs to the user who submitted it.

    The first one would require sending e-mail to the given address – before permanently adding it to internal list or to 3rd-party integrated service – and checking some defined inbox for response (to see if there’s e.g. some bounce message).

    The second one would actually require some sort of active confirmation from user which is essentially a double opt-in which is provided by pretty much all the services that can be integrated with Hustle.

    I suppose the first one could also be achieved by doing some sort of SMTP “test connection” or using some 3rd-party checker but I’ll need to consult that with our developers. It would be a new feature so I’ve asked them to look into possible ways and consider adding it in future.

    Kind regards,

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    Yes, if you could ask them about that smtp test connection and keep me updated here, I’d appreciate that, as it’s less steps for my users.


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    Hi @agentrosehq

    At the moment, I’m afraid there isn’t any easy way to implement such a function. However, we have already brought this into our developer’s attention and we do see that such a feature would be really handy.

    At the moment, I’m afraid there isn’t any exact ETA but can confirm its something which our developers are looking forward to implementing down the plugin’s roadmap in a future release.

    Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate.


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    What plugin do you recommend to send a verification button/link in an email a user receives, in order to verify their email?

    If you could send me some plugin names, that would be useful, because I don’t see many options of things outside of use with woocommerce.

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    Hello @agentrosehq

    This should do the trick with default login forms:

    Warm regards,

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