• One thing that attracted me to WP was XHTML standards. The developers and community have worked hard to keep this going. I’d like to see the default template come with valid CSS and a link to a CSS validator as well.
    I don’t profess to be a CSS expert, nor would I be willing to be money that my own site is valid CSS, either. It just seems to me that if the code is going to be valid, then we should go the extra bit to make the CSS valid, too.
    This can be an enormous challenge, of course, given the broad spectrum of browsers in use out there. It’s not an impossible thing, either. There are some important basic rules in CSS that are often not followed, and we all should strive to make our sites as close to valid in both areas as possible.
    Comments? Suggestions? Go soak your head, Nuclear Moose? 🙂
    I’d be willing to take all of the default CSS in the WP install and ensure that it is validated.

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  • I agree the default css files with WP should validate – but I don’t see the point in linking to a validator from the default installation. I didn’t realise the default CSS didn’t validate?
    Don’t forget though that just because the CSS validates doesn’t mean that it renders the same in all browsers

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    What about it doesn’t validate?

    validating CSS seems to be an easy task. It does not make sure that the page will look similar in all the browsers. 🙂

    Yeah, making it validate is pretty darn easy. Actually, making it look similar in all the browsers currently BREAKS the CSS validation in some circumstances (as one trick is using a tag like voice stuff to make certain browsers early-exit processing a given style block… which is a no-no if you aren’t in a voice-style-sheet but rather a screen or printer one…).

    LOL! Okay, I really stuck my foot in my mouth on this one, didn’t I? The wp-layout.css does validate perfectly, as Matt shows with his link.
    I think a point I was trying to make was not the point I posted or something like that. Maybe an Admin should just remove the thread.
    Sigh. I should have just not bothered today…it’s been “one of those days!” 🙂

    Just an update for late readers. The voice box hack referred to here does now validate. The validator was broke but is now fixed. Hack away. 🙂

    It isn’t an end all, but it is important that your style validates.
    On all three styles on my latest (last nite) WP, xhtml is valid.

    Now, if I upload style.css to the validator, (aside from a generic font–family fix), it validates. I did some fixes on another I use, and it validates on an upload check. But a site check on my latest install gives me:

    “Please, validate your XML document first!
    Line 98
    Column 2
    The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.”

    I get this on all 3 themes exactly the same. If I could find “Line98 col2” I could fix it!
    So it must be in the code in the page, and something I did.

    I just checked another install I did on another site a few nites ago and it validates both as xhtml and css! hmmm what did I do????
    Delete the site and reinstall I guess, have no idea where the above came from
    Guess what!!!!!
    I put some php code in an article, enclosed in the code brackets also as it should be, and that is what caused the above!
    Unreal…lol. I was going to reinstall…whew! Left this up in case anyone else gets this.
    I use a different stylesheet and template xhtml1.0Strict.
    Wordpress 1.5 is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict! And Valid CSS, no warnings or errors found. Same on my other install with default style.
    Add a link to CSS:

  • ">
    <?php _e('Valid CSS'); ?>
  • I think the program is TOTALLY AWESOME.

I screwed it up

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